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Since this is what I always think about whenever I make the first of my typical two posts each month, I'm going to start off January's copious postings with the meme where I go through all of last year's posts and c/p the first line for your amusement. So meta, amirite?

Notably, this was the first time I genuinely forgot a couple of times and didn't make some inane unlocked post as my first post of the month. As a result, I had to suppress one of the entries, but oh well! I present...


Go to your Calendar and find the first (public) entry for each month of 2012. Post the first line of it in your journal, and that's your "Year In Review."

January: I just discovered that the "new" LJ comment style somehow magically restores all of my user icons that are currently locked because I didn't want to pay extra for the add-on.
February: The laptop has a virus (or thirty).
March: I'm back in the endless cycle of "I really should post more / I have so much I want to talk about / but I have no time / oh look, now it's two weeks later."
April: Deep thought for the day: I don't miss volunteering with the cat rescue people, but I sure do miss seeing kittens.
May: I get to go to Vegas on Tuesday for work!
June: First World Problems, I know, but I'm irritated by the fact that I no longer seem to get any notifications on LJ — nor do I get to see most people's FB posts, no matter how many settings I tweak to make sure that, in fact, I am getting to see everyone's posts.
July: I've decided that it's my moral imperative to make sure all of you come with me to an Old 97's concert at least once.
August: Honestly, I have no idea how I'm going to survive being in Vegas for a week in September for work.
September: Here's the thing: if I had gone to Burning Man this year, I would be missing the Old 97's at the Fillmore tomorrow night.
October: This was a friends-locked entry and I'm not comfortable posting its first line.
November: Guess what, I still suck at updating, which shouldn't be a surprise, but I really was on a roll there for a while.
December: I need new black boots and I need them fast.

I like how some themes are a constant, no matter the year—Vegas, the Old 97's, and, of course, my hollow promises of posting more. :)


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