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Yes, I am in LA, desperately struggling to finish packing up the apartment, while working as a part-time, non-exempt employee at my old job. The wireless at the apartment is being a little bitch, so I have to rely on my precious Sidekick for sweet, life-giving Internet.

I have decided to do an experiment similar to something [ profile] takeitez did before. I am going to attempt to subsist for a week on the food and drink that is currently at the apartment (and the snacks at work). I already cheated a little, because I had to buy a pan to boil things in and some popcorn.

I am already sick of this experiment. Anyhow! Things are good. I will do a full summary later on.
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[ profile] invisiblebf's mom is unexpectedly coming up from San Diego! Ack! Back to frenzied cleaning! :)

Pretty soon, with all this scouring and sorting, the apartment may be ready for a party!!!
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My mom is here — yay!

Through the Herculean efforts of [ profile] invisiblebf, who spent something like 7 hours scrubbing the floors with a toothbrush, the apartment is now clean and sparkly enough to have gotten high accolades and approval from my mom. Yay + infinity! [ profile] invisiblebf is a star. Tonight, he will cook us dinner and I can't wait. Maybe he'll even post about it in his own LJ. Hint, hint.

Meanwhile, the infamous pantry moths have been flitting around and I decided to find the source. Hello, skin-crawling, hackle-raising moth infestation of my whole-wheat flour. Good-bye, everything in the baking cupboard... again.

I think my mom and I will go to the Getty after we get some coffee. After that, who knows! :)
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I have been very busy since CousinOfKittens (CoK) came to live with me last Wednesday and I've also been sick with some kind of icky cold this whole time. However, it's been sort of sobering to realize just how little I had been doing with my evenings prior to her arrival. So after a week of whirlwind activity, tonight I am sitting here watching Pirate Master (the pirate-themed reality show that I should have been cast on, damnit! I love how they keep blurring out this one girl's chest — I think her nipples must be falling out of her bra!) so I figured I'd multi-task and do a nice big update that no one will read! :)

We went to a Rhett Miller concert )

Captain & Kitten pwn Disney )

I got derailed from updating because someone I hadn't talked to for a long time unexpectedly called me... so now I'm just going to wrap it up for now.
ETA: Except that I wanted to add that the brunch mimosas apparently had some sort of appetite suppressant in them because neither Dave nor I felt hungry the entire day and went the whole time at Disneyland without buying a corndog or even a pretzel.
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In preparation for my Disneyland adventure, I dumped all the photos off my camera. Here are some photos, none of which actually address the recent meme, but they're sort of tangentially related.

[ profile] dedopossum had asked to see the inside of my fridge. I snapped a bonus shot of my freezer, which was shamefuly overgrown with snow. Last weekend, I used a knife/hammer to chisel it out. Ultimately MIB introduced a pickle fork to finish chipping that stuff out!
Let it snow! )

[ profile] darthmollusc didn't specifically ask for this, but he was questioning me on just how many pairs of pants I own. That was a good question.
Pants! )

Still need to post:Will I ever post these? )
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Ok, I know it's lame and irrational, but I'm actually starting to get jealous of the new couch! Chip has stopped sleeping with me at night and just spends most of his awake and asleep time on that couch.

So now I'm competing with furniture for my cat's attention. Oh what a world! I was going to pile some books and clothes onto the couch to prevent Chip from sitting on it, but was told that this is "mean."


Oh, and my phone is broken. AGAIN!
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Nothing is more squicky and gross than having your home invaded by insects. Today I came home and there were more moths fluttering in the kitchen. I was talking to [ profile] toastmantom as I ambled around and the conversation went as follows:

[ profile] toastmantom: Well, I should probably go, I am having dinner with Cat.
[ profile] aceofkittens: EEEYAAAARRGHHAAAAA! *ear-splitting shriek*

As I had reached for some rice cakes, I saw that moths were doing it on top of the rice cakes. Which were on top of my cabinet of baking supplies. Hmm, I thought, could they be in my cabinet of baking supplies?

Why, yes, yes they were. Good-bye, baking supplies. Hello, impenetrable tupperware bins.



Oct. 4th, 2006 01:24 am
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Thanks to my friend, the Internet, I now know that the disgusting insects infesting my pantry are Indian meal moths.

Knowledge is power, and soon they will all die. But not soon enough, as I estimate they've eaten about $100 worth of dried food products over the last month.

I've also been visited recently by Mr. Roach and Mr. Ant.

I channel Samuel L. Jackson: "Enough is enough! I have had it with these motherf* insects in this motherf* apartment!

Verily, there will be a day of rejoicing when I am no longer living in this pathetic slum. That is all.
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Ladies and gentlemen, the window is back in place. Yeah, yeah, the window's back! (Thank you, Magical Trevor!)

Ganked from [ profile] bluesilverkdg:
Ten Top Trivia Tips about Aceofkittens! )
The best one is about me being incapable of sleep. So true!
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So, the window saga continues. For those just tuning in, one of the windows in the guest room finished a slow collapse into total decrepitude a year ago. I thought it had been in February, but looking over an old entry I see that I discovered this problem last January. Great. This whole apartment building is a shambles and has been falling apart ever since the termites... probably before then. In any case, it's now taken the landlord a year to fix the window. It's been covered with cardboard for months. He was supposed to do fix it during our trip to SF, but didn't. Upon returning, I discovered that only half the window still remained in place. No more cardboard. Just... a gaping half-hole. Lovely.

Windows? AceOfKittens had windows... )
All of this is enough to drive anyone to drink:
Pass me that bottle, bartender! )
What can I say — like owner, like cat. :)
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Life ekes along. Went and saw Pride & Prejudice last night. I know some people hated it, but I enjoyed it. I'm not a huge Austen freak, and though I read the book, it was a really long time ago, so I couldn't tell how faithful (or not) it was being. So I liked it. Pretty scenery! Long moony pans of Keira Knightley's dreamy face. Good times, good times.

Now I'm waiting for the landlord to show up to finally finish fixing the window which has been broken since last January. It's not that I need to let him in — on the contrary, he has keys to the apartment, and a nasty tendency to let himself in without asking. So I'm a little worried Chip might escape. Chip has taken a grave interest in the outside world lately.

Instead of doing anything useful, I'm just zoning. Zzzzzzz.

Oh, my dreams continue to rage on, though. I had a long and involved dream about Siegfried and Roy last night. There was a long riff in the middle of that about Roy Orbison ("wrapped in clingfilm") and then Roy told me his last name is really Hauk (as in "Ren Hauk"). A lot of it centered on a cut-glass sculpture of Roy's face. Don't ask. Just pass me that bottle. :)
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So, last night, in a manic frenzy (or perhaps a flurry), I stabbed my way through mostly defrosting the freezer. [ profile] bettyscout was probably the last person to witness the snow-bound glory of said freezer, and it wasn't a pretty sight. Trapped like insects in amber, mysterious packages and bottles of vodka cried out for freedom. Deep inside the glacier, the ice cube tray had long since abandoned its contents. And due to this overwhelming abundance of snow, the door of the refrigerator wasn't closing fully half the time. It was time... time to get out the chisel, the blowtorch, and the ice axe. But I used one of the kitchen knives instead.

Hacking violently away at the iceberg, I noticed that the quality of snow was different than the last time I'd done this (when I really did have to get out the ice axe). The snow was slushy and was coming off quite easily. When I had excavated the bottom layer enough, and taken a good 4 inches off the top, I was filled with the desire to make a snowman. Behold my creation, "Snowy!" :) The "hair" is the cotton wad out of an aspirin bottle, the arms are stalks broken off from a tomato vine, the nose is a piece of pretzel, and the eyes and mouth are lentils.

As my co-worker said when I showed her the pictures, "Damn, girl, you need a hobby." :)

Pictures under cut for your pleasure )

There you have it! :)


Jul. 23rd, 2005 01:44 pm
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So, you can pretty much assume that every post from now on will be about the cat. ;)

Meanwhile, it is so blazing hot, I can't stand it. I've got a Blizzard fan and it's not enough. I'm melting. Chip is melting. This heat wave is insane. I've got a huge list of things I have to do and I've been up since 6 a.m. to try and get everything done. Sadly, all I have done today is give Chip numerous spongebaths with a wet washcloth. He loves it (as [ profile] toastmantom said, "Who wouldn't!"), but now it's almost 2 p.m. and I have accomplished nothing.

Basically, I just need to haul my ass to Costco, spend the $50 on a window A/C unit, and be done with it.
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This morning, I had a really hard time getting up. After numerous violent hammerings at the alarm clock's snooze button, I finally pried myself out of bed, stumbled off to the shower, and... Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyaaaaaaaah! the water heater appears to be broken. ;) The pilot light has gone out and won't stay on.

Is it coincidence that it's Friday the 13th? Oh, I think not! ;)
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After a recent post by [ profile] sweetbums about food waste, I decided to take a figurative hatchet to my fridge (unlike the literal ice axe which once defrosted the freezer). During the excavation, I discovered a Glad container with a slice of cake and some chocolates. Based on the nature of these items, I believe they were brought by my mother during one of her visits. That means that they've been there either since November or since January. What's sicker than that: the cake was still good! :)

I keep discovering houseware items I didn't remember having, so that assuages my desire to go shopping. But, oh, how I want to! Good thing I also don't have any money to spare!


Sep. 20th, 2004 09:10 pm
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So, after months or maybe even years of sweltering in an apartment w/o central air or AC, yesterday I finally became the proud owner of a floor fan. Hooray!

So, tonight there was a cold snap! Of course!*

Looking on the bright side, I can now wear all of my warm "winter" clothes. Like that coat I bought recently...

*"Cold" being a relative term; I mean, it's not cold compared to Norway, but it's cold compared to the fact it was in the 90s/100s just a few days ago. Plus, I am always cold.
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(Only [ profile] toastmantom will get that, but I am all about the in-jokes for one person's benefit.)


Rambling Rover... )

I guess I should drive over to help out some more with the new place. Other people will be hauling around furniture, though, and I kind of feel like waiting til that's over and done with.
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Crunchy II (my laptop) has been having a lot of keyboard problems, so I took it to the shop and have been fucking around on Crunchy I (my old laptop). Crunchy I has very similar keyboard problems to Crunchy II, and it's infuriating to try and get around keys that don't work. Who knew that we use the "U" key so much?!!

Anyway, the shop didn't fix Crunchy II, but gave it back to me in the meantime. Naturally, all the problems have gone away and it's working perfectly, but they've already ordered the new keyboard, so what's a girl to do?! Eventually, after sinking tons of money into fixing Crunchy II, I'll probably buckle down and purchase Crunchy III. What can I say -- I ride those babies hard and put them away wet.

I have been cleaning and organizing the apartment. I seem to really enjoy dancing around in the living room! Thank god I've found all the secret cameras...
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It's been raining here, which means two things: "StormWatch 2004" is constantly on the news & I am denied my god-given right to walk around on the street. Nobody walks in LA -- except for me.

I managed to get rather wet earlier, because I thought it was merely drizzling when I stepped on out. As a consequence, my feet were cold and unhappy, so after I finally got home after a very yummy Thai dinner, I thought I'd hop in the shower to warm up.

The thing is, I usually take my shower in the morning, before I've put in my contacts, so everything is blurry. Today, as though for the first time, I saw the shower caddy clearly -- it's totally rusted over, cracked, peeling. How long has it been hanging there? How long has it been like that -- why didn't I notice?

I guess if it can't be fixed, it may be time for something new.
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Before she left, my roommate baked me an apple pie. She also gave me 3 SpongeBob DVDs. I do not deserve this woman!

Really, what I ought to be doing is watching the DVDs -- hey, it's research! But that would involve getting out into the living room and that seems like too much work.

I am very lethargic, possibly because it's raining; possibly because I've eaten nothing but apple pie since Friday. Apple pie -- not just for dessert anymore. Apple pie for lunch, dinner, and breakfast. Apple pie!


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