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Yesterday, I thought I'd elevate this LJ a little from its typical "whining and moaning" content, by posting about my walks in Holy Cross Cemetery: Read all about it!

Today, as promised, I'm posting pictures!

The entrance )

The big church on the cemetery grounds )

A funeral's aftermath )

The weird white coffin )

Bela Lugosi's dead )

Heron! )

This concludes today's photo essay. :)
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Well, it was my life, now it's my loss... Holy Cross...
— "Holy Cross," Old 97's

I work across the street from a big Catholic cemetery, Holy Cross. As someone who grew up in San Francisco, I find the concept of a cemetery right there within the city limits to be somehow odd and unusual. San Francisco kicked out most of its dead people in 1912 and sent them all off to Colma to get buried. Colma also contains some pretty big shopping centers. Colma, land of the dead and of Home Depot.

In any case, I was intrigued by Holy Cross and its proximity to my workplace. It was only a matter of time... )
Later tonight: my Holy Cross photo essay, freshly snapped during today's perambulations. Stay tuned!
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I was so seethingly jealous of [ profile] toastmantom's fabulous canoeing adventures, that we rented a kayak and went out boating on Lake Del Valle.

If only I'd brought the Wheat Thins!!! )

Can't wait to do it again! :)
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The SO has bought some new gadgets. He bought a fat percentage tester and a blood pressure monitor. This is because he's obssessed with climbing mountains while dragging around a 60 pound pack.

I finally couldn't resist the lure of the BP monitor. As the SO took my BP measurement, his eyes widened. "Dear god," he said, "I think you may be dead! What the hell is wrong with you?!! Are you dead?!"

That is because my blood pressure was 87/54.

In other news, I'm going to stop posting crow tallies, because, basically, it's an anomaly these days when I don't see at least 4-5 crows, and it's getting tiresome. Although, actually, I didn't see any today, so maybe they're all off on their yearly migration to San Juan Capistrano.
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Daily Crow Tally: 6 today, none yesterday...

So, today I got new underpants (Step 3: Profit!), and as long as I was over there, I had one of the licensed bra-ologists measure my chest and it turns out that I've been wearing the wrong bra size for quite some time.

I'm sure you all needed/wanted to hear that.
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There's nothing more pathetic than waiting endlessly for a phone call that never comes. But, of course, Rhett Miller said it best: If that phone don't ring one more time/I'm going to lose what's left of my mind...

I know it's stupid to hope it will still ring. It won't.

In other news, A charming anecdote about the hole in the wall in which I live )

Latest Crow Tallies:
Sunday: 5
Monday: 2
Today (Wednesday) so far:7
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Daily Crow Tally for Saturday: only 1 so far! But the night is young...

I'm too hot and sluggish to do anything, and having been outside the house for much of the day, I think this is allowable. But I'm being prodded to maybe do something tonight, and it's one of those things where I feel like maybe I should, but honestly, I'd like nothing more than to just lie on my bed all evening, staring at the ceiling.

I'm excited because we took a bunch of film to get it developed, so I'm looking forward to posting some pics tomorrow. Yay!
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Daily crow tally for Friday: 3 (but I wasn't outside for very long)

I did see a lot of cockroaches and a cricket. And slugs. I was telling [ profile] aerinys that I always feel so sorry for slugs, because they're homeless. I then imagined slugs battling it out for snail shells the way hermit crabs do. Maybe they do!

I will do some movie reviews later, but right now I am too mellow and lazy.

That is all.


Jul. 17th, 2003 06:46 pm
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The numbers that shape my world...

  • Hours spent watching the news yesterday/evening: 4.5 hours
  • Total amount of sleep last night after spending evening watching news: 4 hours
  • Amount of money spent so far this month at the store where everything costs $9.99 $32
  • Daily crow tally for Thursday: 15 crows

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    Last night, we went kayaking in the actual "marina" of Marina Del Rey. It was nighttime, and the weather couldn't have been more ideal: balmy, barely a breeze. The moon was full, and there was this moment, one of those "perfect" moments, when the black, still surface of the water was like a bolt of velvet unrolled across the horizon, the twin reflected moon underneath it. It was magical. We saw pelicans, blue herons, and my pals the black-crowned night herons.

    Sitting here in my stifling hot apartment, I wish I could go to the beach today. Well, I could, theoretically, but there is too much to do around the house, and now, it's time for laundry.

    The Stand

    Jul. 9th, 2003 05:23 pm
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    Hmmm... lately, I've been noticing a lot of crows, everywhere I go. I just have to wonder! Has there been a boom in crow fertility in the Southland? Or is it.... sinister.

    I saw a dead one, too, on Sunday... under a tree. Coincidence? I think not!
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    My lack of updating of late has more to do with LJ than with myself. I've actually tried to update several times this week, and the bugger's been down. A sign from on high? Or, a fiendish plot to keep my life's little mysteries mysterious? You be the judge, gentle readers!

    Birds... )

    Beasts... )

    And Relatives. )

    That is all. Another fun filled weekend of drunken debauchery awaits... someone else.
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    Another has fallen to the Dark Side; [ profile] cardoon is now among us. Soon, soon, the Toast will crumble... yes.

    So, it's been a fun-filled few days, but boy, am I ever tired for some reason. I guess I'm not used to all this "leaving the house."

    Friday, [ profile] cardoon drove up from visiting her grandparents and a fun-packed day ensued. I find that I really enjoy having visitors, now that I have my fabulous guest room. There's just something about being able to give people their own space. Anyway, first, I dragged her to Venice to feed my precious ducks and see my darling Black-crowned night heron. Then we wandered all over Venice Beach. I was hoping that the freaks would be out in full force, but it was so windy, we were eating sand and grit & the freaks were in hiding. So, after a coup purchase of some shoes, and dinner at Junior's Deli, we went on to Santa Monica.

    How Skee-Ball is Dangerous To Your Health! )

    Why did she take Jessminder's shoes? )

    This entry is so full of links! Kind of makes you sick, doesn't it!

    Well, I am not sure what is on the agenda for tonight and tomorrow. [ profile] cardoon has left and that means I can retreat back into my Fortress of Solitude.
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    I think that the sparrows have a nest in the roof. I've suspected that lots of birds actually live up there, because I frequently hear their cheerful chirping. But lately, there's been numerous sparrow sightings on my windowsill, and I see them flying in a slightly angled trajectory. I imagine that they're landing on the roof.

    There's probably a whole colony up there, and they are probably plotting against me.

    Living on a really busy street has some disadvantages. At least once a day, there will be some kind of heated altercation at the bus stop under my windows. Last year, they replaced all the bus stop benches with a new standard bench. Unfortunately, this new bench can only be placed on pavement, and the sidewalk of the bus stop was dirt/grass. So they ripped away the old bench, but couldn't put in the new. So now, people waiting for the bus sit on the white picket fence (yes, I live in an apartment building with a white picket fence) and fight amongst themselves. All in all, I prefer the sparrows.

    They're just so cute, you know, the way they hop everywhere.

    I've switched CDs -- I love the Old 97s, but listening to Rhett sing about loneliness isn't working out too well for me today. Of course, I just realized that I missed his in-store performance on Wednesday, despite having written it down in two places. Ah well. It's not like I'm much of a fangirl anymore, on any level.

    Cowboy Mouth lyrics )

    Stay tuned for how well that works out.
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    (Only one person would probably get the Subject line of this post, and I don't think she even knows what LJ is, much less reads mine. Though maybe you'll get this, [ profile] vaznetti!)

    Earlier this afternoon, a sparrow flew up to the window, and attached itself to the screen. It hung there, chirping merrily, then flew away. That pretty much was the highlight of my day.

    When I was little, for some reason I was really into sparrows. I had fantasies of catching them. Trapping them somehow, or just grabbing them... this actually bolsters my belief that I was a cat in my previous life, because these fantasies were quite detailed and elaborate. A former therapist was very concerned about this -- I think she started suspecting that I could very well be one of those sociopaths that tortures animals as a kid, then grows up to kill people -- and she kept asking me what I had planned to do with the birds once I'd caught them. This really startled me, because I actually had no plans for them. My sparrow fantasy never went beyond the acquisition phase.

    This is sort of the story of my life. I don't really exhibit good long-term planning. I'm like a kitten with ADD -- I'll chase random bugs until I suddenly realize I have to be in the other room now. Then I'm shocked that I haven't gotten anything accomplished.

    And now for some rambling! )


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