Apr. 2nd, 2012 02:09 pm
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Deep thought for the day: I don't miss volunteering with the cat rescue people, but I sure do miss seeing kittens.
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As I may have mentioned previously, every morning at 6:00 a.m., I am awakened by what I call "The Alarm Claw." In addition to lovingly applying his claws to my face, Chip basically starts to do his best impression of a mountain goat by bouncing repeatedly onto my head. If I scrunch down to hide under the covers and Chip can't scoop me out, he goes over and starts to do the same thing to [ profile] invisiblebf until the latter roars out something like, "Get up and feed the cats!" except with a few more expletives.

Meanwhile, Sprat just sits patiently and quietly nearby, supporting the wall in the way that he does. He has only tried to use The Alarm Claw on me once and it was more of an "Alarm-Purr." We like to pretend that Chip "deputized" Sprat to give it a shot, but Sprat just didn't pass muster. Maybe it's a very complicated game of "Good Cat, Bad Cat" that they're playing with me... I'm not sure. In any case, I'm not willing to give up my glorious nighttime kitty cuddles, not even for a good night's sleep. Besides, if we close the door, Chip claws at it relentlessly and makes piteous squeaking noises. Thus I live with The Alarm Claw as a fact of life.

So that's all well and good, except a few days ago, Chip decided that 6 was too late for breakfast and started applying The Alarm Claw at 5:00 a.m.! Perhaps this was revenge for the fact that we were gone for three days and my mom came and fed them at odd times (certainly never at 6:00 a.m.!). For the first two days, I alternated hiding under the covers, throwing Chip off the bed, and saying "NO" in firm voice, but all these pitiful attempts to get a few more minutes of sleep failed miserably. This morning, however, [ profile] invisiblebf had had enough. After Chip jumped onto his face at 5:05 or so, he got up and ejected both cats from the room. Before closing the door, he cleverly placed two big pillows against it as a barrier to prevent Chip from scratching at it. Ah, blissful sleep...

It was 6:30 when we woke up next. "I guess I'll go ahead and feed them," I mumbled, stumbling to the door and opening it. The pillow barrier had held up beautifully and both cats were sitting to one side of it, gazing up at me with grave reproach. Also in front of the pillows: three dark lumps of poo on the floor. Nooooo! Well, at least I didn't step in it.

"I'm telling you," I said to [ profile] invisiblebf, "Chip wore a satisfied look. Like: yeah, THAT's what I think about you and your pillows and closed doors and opposable thumbs." "Chip would never do that," [ profile] invisiblebf replied, "It's my fault. I locked him away from his litter box and he didn't want to use Sprat's."

I was ready to stay grumpy, but then Chip jumped up on my pillow and put his paws around my neck and purred me back to sleep. All was forgiven.
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I thought I would post a little update about Sprat! When I rescued Sprat on May 1, he weighed a whopping and rather unfortunate 23 lbs. Sprat's current weight is...

The dramatic tension! )
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Who knew there were so many videos on this fascinating website called YouTube! ;) Some of them contain cute cats.

Startling discovery.

Speaking of cute cats, earlier this week, Sprat stole a potato chip and ran off with it. I made him relinquish his prey, but he was very grumpy about it. He is currently licking some sort of cracker crumb off my pant-leg. We are a classy act around here.
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This morning, I got to watch sumo wrestling as nearly 40 pounds of cat clashed in the hallway in a brief, but fierce battle. The earth shook, the angels wept, then we broke up the fight and the participants went back to their separate corners and pretended that they hadn't just done that.

My hope that Chip and Sprat would become fast friends has not been realized. So far, they mostly tolerate one another in a neutral way. Until this morning's battle, they had never fought to my knowledge -- occasional swats and slaps nonwithstanding. Sprat actually really wants to be friends and keeps trying to approach Chip. Chip wants none of this.

Many of you have heard me doing this shtick, and it doesn't lose its amusement value with repetition (of course, I think the more you repeat something, the funnier it is) — so the interaction goes something like this:

Sprat: You like food? I LOVE food!
Chip: Ummm....
Sprat: You like catnip? I am totally into catnip!
Chip: Er....
Sprat: You like sunshine? I dig the sunshine! Let's share this sunshine!
Chip: Listen...
Sprat: Hey, you like shoes? I really love shoes too!
Chip: *grumble*
Sprat: You like these people? I LOVE these people! We have so much in common! We should totally hang out!
Chip: OH SHIT NO!!! Just go back to hell where you came from!!!

I need to take more photos and videos of them. Time is passing really quickly. Today is the 6th anniversary of Peter's death. I still miss him so much. :( He was a great cat.
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Thanks to the amazing and wonderful [ profile] fairyarmadillo, my foster cat Ghost has found a home! Ghost will now be living with [ profile] fairyarmadillo's dad and stepmom up in Lake County.

I wish it had worked out for him to stay with me, but he just wasn't happy here. I'm so grateful to [ profile] fairyarmadillo for setting this up and helping make it happen. It just couldn't have worked out more perfectly. His new family are awesome people who love cats and he will have other cat friends and a lot of space to run around. I will get to hear about how he's doing and maybe even see him sometime. I know that he will be loved and have a wonderful life.

But of course I miss the little weirdo. It's so quiet now.

Pic of Ghost under the cut )
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(Cross-posted to Kittypix)

I am currently fostering this gorgeous 4-year old Maine Coon mix. I am certain one of you people might want him. ;)

More info and pics under here! )
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My mom is in the midst of having the kitchen remodeled, so there are contractors and workmen stomping all over the house and the whole place smells like fresh paint and varnish. As a result, her cats are very traumatized and mostly hiding in the closet or under the blankets on her bed. She showed me the presents she plans to give them when this unbearable ordeal is over, so of course I then had to go to four different Walgreens stores in order to buy Chip an identical incredibly adorable and cute cat bed:

He is ignoring it, of course. :)
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I posted this to the Kittypix community, and I thought I'd give it a shot here too.
Last month, I started volunteering with Give Me Shelter Cat Rescue, a nonprofit organization based in San Francisco which tries to save cats from "death row" at Animal Care & Control. Some of these kitties are up for adoption at a local Petsmart, and I've been going once a week to play with them, clean cages, etc. This is where and how I met Mister. He needs our help to find a home!
Mister's Story )

Here are two pics of beautiful Mister:
Pics of Mister )

If you can help Mister, just let me know and I will talk to the gals at the rescue group. Thank you.
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So, uh...

Does anyone want a kitten? Or two?

I'm going on a kitten-snatching mission on Saturday. The kittens are 6-week old tabbies with white socks. I wish I could keep them, but I can't. :(

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I woke up to an email from [ profile] cheesehead1701 that Aja had died this morning. Aja was another grande dame of the cat world, a lot like Vassilissa in some ways. She was a force of nature, an unforgettable cat who traveled everywhere that [ profile] cheesehead1701 did, even to Japan.

Back in 2003, when they lived with me, Aja was so clingy that I got to calling her Barnacle Betty. She annoyed me with her clinginess at times, but we had some pretty hilarious moments. I missed my girls both so much when they left.

I still miss them both so much.

Here's a photo of our beautiful girl Aja )

2008 really has not been a good year in so many ways. I am glad it will soon be over. Huge hugs and love to [ profile] cheesehead1701.


May. 22nd, 2008 09:01 pm
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RIP, Vassilissa
Read more... )
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Adding the [ profile] kittypix community was the smartest thing I've done in a while. Now my day is filled with sunshine and kitty photos!
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Private Life of a Cat
"Private Life of a Cat" on Google Video
"Alexander Hammid's intimate study of a female cat and the birth and maturation of her five kittens." Produced by Alexander Hammid and Maya Deren, 1947. Video in public domain available at
[ profile] luckycee posted this and it is just so awesome that I have to re-post it. It's 22 minutes (with no sound - this is important to know, as I kept turning up the volume on my computer like an idiot) and worth watching.
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Let's just say that when MIB sits down on "his" couch next to Chip, Chip rolls onto his back and starts purring like crazy, but when I sit down on "his" couch next to Chip, Chip jumps off and pointedly shows me his backside. :P

I woke up with a headache, having dreamed, amongst other delightful things, that two of my mom's cats (Kesha, the black one, and "Crazy Filka," the fluffy one) had both run away, and I was telling someone about it as though it had happened many years ago.

Today can only get better, right?! I'm sure of it!
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It has been brought to my attention (ahem!) that I have been remiss in posting photos of Chip. That's true. Here are some recent photos! :)

Four medium-sized photos of the best cat ever )

Chip update

Aug. 4th, 2005 06:28 pm
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After a frantic few days & many games of voicemail tag, I finally spoke again with Vet #1, who has reassured me that based on the test results, Chip is very unlikely to have even the dry form of FIP. He explained why Vet #3 may have interpreted the test results that way, but assured me that it's highly unlikely. Which is what I thought/hoped, but OMFGBBQ, I am so grateful for this small blessing. I can't bear to watch another FIP cat slide into inevitable death.

Vet #1 continues to be guardedly optimistic; he doesn't think Chip is a decrepit geriatric cat knocking at death's door. In fact, Vet #1 thinks it's ok if I just feed and water Chip for the next two weeks or so and only if there is no improvement should we then proceed to the next (very expensive) stage of diagnosis/treatment.

I'm sure this rug will be pulled out from under my feet soon enough. It's not like Chip's jumping around and bouncing off the walls. He is not a well cat. I can still feel every bone in his body. But at least I can stop having Peter flashbacks.

I miss Peter. He was such a good cat.


Jul. 21st, 2005 07:13 pm
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Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce...

Charles Konstantinovich Chapayev, Marquess of Cholmondeley )
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The perfect kitten, as everyone else knows, is just an illusion. And it doesn’t happen when you go looking for it. But the girl keeps on looking, hopeful. She always hopes that things will be different. This time, she’ll know. She’ll know that this is the moment; this is the next perfect kitten. (from my perfect kitten vignette)

The next perfect kitten )

My morning

Apr. 26th, 2005 11:53 am
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This morning, as I drove to work, I was just merging into the middle lane after the 10 East/110 interchange, when I saw what I thought was this fluttery black plastic bag being tossed out of a car in the lane to the right of the fast lane. In that moment, I watched the way it went from the car's window, hard against the ground... then up again and lurching across the fast lane toward the shoulder on the left. A puzzlement flashed through me, because plastic bags just don't do that kind of thing. In the next nanosecond, my eyes re-interpreted what they were seeing and my brain started screaming into overdrive.

Because it was a kitten. I saw it clearly: probably about 8 or so weeks old, dark gray/black. Someone threw a kitten out of their fucking car onto the fucking I-10 East freeway. It was still alive, but I was in the middle lane, and going too fast to get over. Plus, the shoulder on the left side is dangerously narrow.

So of course I went back. You see, in my mind, that was already my cat. Another chance at the perfect kitten. It took me a while to get back over there, because of traffic and the way the freeways connect in that area. When I got there, I pulled over into the narrow shoulder, with my hazards on, inching forward as cars whipped past going 70. But the kitten was gone. Not squished, just gone.

I have to believe someone else stopped for it.


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