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I dreamed last night that [ profile] toastmantom and I were supposed to perform two sets in a club. The talent scout was coming for the second set. After we finished the first one, I went upstairs, while Toasty and a bunch of other people worked on making the punch for the Memorial Day Party. I went for a drive in Baltimore with my mom and some other people, and saw there were a lot of really really tall trees with large grapefruit hanging down. "There's pomegranates, too!" said the driver, whoever he was, and after I unsuccessfully tried to take one off a tree (it turned out to be a strawberry), we returned to the club to discover that Toasty was now too drunk to perform a second set so our big chance at stardom was ruined. Boy, was I mad! The dream went on into other directions, but that was the best part.

By the way, neither [ profile] toastmantom nor I are musicians.

But here's what's really going on - tl;dr )
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Back from the whirlwind tour of Missouri. It was fun, but I'm tired. At least it's a short week... sort of. It feels endless. I am still blah and not following LJ very closely. I went to the dentist this morning and it sounds like the reason I've had such painful sensitivity to cold/hot is because a number of my fillings are cracked and broken and need to be replaced. That's going to be a lot of fun.

Conversation in bed this morning:
[ profile] aceofkittens: "Aww, did you see how Chip was lying so on top of me?"
[ profile] invisiblebf: (fuzzily) "He's just prospecting for oil."
[ profile] aceofkittens: "...WHAT?!!"
[ profile] invisiblebf: (pause) "Um... inexplicable crossover with dream."
He's very cute when he's asleep.

For Bay Area people, my friend Daryl Shawn has an all-instrumental guitar show this weekend and you should go:
Saturday, July 5, 7 p.m. sharp!
Meridian Gallery
535 Powell Street (at Bush), San Francisco, CA
$5-10 sliding scale donation (no one refused for lack of funds
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I have a huge presentation today at noon, a "Lunch & Learn" during which I will demo our (*ahem!* award-winning) Intranet to the company. The thing has been up and running since December (did I mention we just won an award on it?) and it's pretty much my "baby," but people just aren't really using it like we'd hoped, so this presentation is basically our first major marketing push for this beastie — and hopefully, will decrease the number of "wait, we have an Intranet? Where is it?" comments I hear on a daily basis.

So, last night, I was at work late trying to finish the PPT for the presentation, and I realized there were some screencaptures I needed to do from home. So I went home, did more work, didn't go to Prince Caspian like I'd hoped, and tried to make it an early night to be well rested for the preso, especially since I still have to add all the new slides I made last night at home. Except of course I couldn't sleep, ended up just lying on the couch for a while, then eventually drifted off into a fitful slumber.

Do you know how in dreams, when you're trying to read something, the words never stay the same? Some people can't read in dreams at all; others (like me) can do it, but you can't go back and re-read it again the same way. I tell [ profile] invisiblebf this factoid every chance that I get, and he just sighs and rolls his eyes.

Well, let me tell you, trying to add slides to a PPT during a dream does not work either. ;) I dreamed about the presentation all night long. It did not work out well between the inability to add the necessary images, PPT constantly shutting down, and various other computer issues. :) The funny thing is, I don't have any kind of phobia about public speaking. I've been looking forward to giving the presentation today! But, my dream brain apparently didn't get the memo.

I then dreamed about the new Indiana Jones movie. Hmm. I hope it doesn't suck.
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It was probably all the alcohol we had last night, but I had some spectacularly awful nightmares. And it really shouldn't have been like that, because we watched Ratatouille and various scenes from the LOTR movies, but no, instead of processing it into cute dreams about rats and LOTR porn, my brain decided to delight me with some viscerally painful stuff. Let's just say that the LEAST painful of these dreams involved me driving a motorcycle that was manual transmission (I know... what?!) and then crashing it somewhere in downtown LA and skidding on my face along the pavement. I'd say this dream was because Chip was biting my face to get me to feed him, but I was already awake for that.

Shockingly, we didn't feel so great this morning, but because white people like farmers' markets, [ profile] invisiblebf and I forced ourselves out of the house and walked over to the farmers' market down the street. Amongst other things, I bought a yam. Help me out here, [ profile] pokiedot & [ profile] fairyarmadillo, how long does it take to cook one of those? ;)

On the walk over and back, we rehashed what happened last night. [ profile] invisiblebf encapsulated it perfectly: "It's hard to recreate the evening without the trail of text messages."

Noooooo kidding.
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This morning, I was having the following dream. I dreamed that I was already at work and getting ready for my meeting. It was quite realistic. I got my coffee and some water, then thought I'd check in on the fish bowl. The water was very dirty and the fish were looking quite sick. (Sure, I don't have fish in reality, but I think this must have been the HR fish tank, now that I think about it!) I started cleaning the tank with some paper towels, being careful not spill anything, and realizing that I better hurry, because my meeting would be starting soon. Then I woke up and realized: Oh yes, I'm NOT at work, and my meeting WILL be starting soon. Noooo! So I leaped out of bed and was out the door in record time. It took me 6 minutes to drive to work like a maniac, and as I peeled in to turn into the little service road to the parking structure, I saw a bunch of bees over at the hedge. As I started turning right, I looked directly into the hedge, and actually shouted "Eeeeee!" because a swarm of bees was inside it.

At lunch, I borrowed my co-worker's camera and went down to take the bees' photograph. I thought maybe grounds maintenance would have gotten rid of them by then... but no, there they were. Bees.

A million ancient bees began to sting our knees )

Kind of crazy, huh?
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Quite frequently, I have pretty weird/bad dreams. I have to write down last night's here.
As they turn your dreams to sheep )
Then I finally woke up. :) Thanks for your help, [ profile] vaznetti! I'm sure we totally defeated Count Dracula!
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The good news is, apparently Trader Joe's madeleines are made of the finest fresh ingredients and do not contain any preservatives.

The bad news is, if you buy them, but then don't eat them for a few months, they go off and taste like rancid butter.


On an unrelated note, sometimes when I am falling asleep, I will have very random conversations that are somehow related to whatever is happening in my brain. Last night at 4 am, after I started dozing off while online, I managed to make it into the bed. MIB asked me something, and I responded: "You brought snacks!" He said, "...WHAT?" I replied, "Don't worry, it's all from the same bottle."

It's cracking me up, so I thought I would record it for posterity. :)
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As I've mentioned before, I'm taking a class right now and this evening, not only do I have a big paper/presentation due in said class (see previous post), there will also be a big test.

Well, even though I am an unmotivated slacker who tends to wait until the last minute to do anything, my brain likes to work overtime. On Friday night, while at my mom's house in SF, I dreamed about the likely events of Monday night...

Dream a dream, test, take me in your dream )
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Let's just say that when MIB sits down on "his" couch next to Chip, Chip rolls onto his back and starts purring like crazy, but when I sit down on "his" couch next to Chip, Chip jumps off and pointedly shows me his backside. :P

I woke up with a headache, having dreamed, amongst other delightful things, that two of my mom's cats (Kesha, the black one, and "Crazy Filka," the fluffy one) had both run away, and I was telling someone about it as though it had happened many years ago.

Today can only get better, right?! I'm sure of it!
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Life ekes along. Went and saw Pride & Prejudice last night. I know some people hated it, but I enjoyed it. I'm not a huge Austen freak, and though I read the book, it was a really long time ago, so I couldn't tell how faithful (or not) it was being. So I liked it. Pretty scenery! Long moony pans of Keira Knightley's dreamy face. Good times, good times.

Now I'm waiting for the landlord to show up to finally finish fixing the window which has been broken since last January. It's not that I need to let him in — on the contrary, he has keys to the apartment, and a nasty tendency to let himself in without asking. So I'm a little worried Chip might escape. Chip has taken a grave interest in the outside world lately.

Instead of doing anything useful, I'm just zoning. Zzzzzzz.

Oh, my dreams continue to rage on, though. I had a long and involved dream about Siegfried and Roy last night. There was a long riff in the middle of that about Roy Orbison ("wrapped in clingfilm") and then Roy told me his last name is really Hauk (as in "Ren Hauk"). A lot of it centered on a cut-glass sculpture of Roy's face. Don't ask. Just pass me that bottle. :)
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This weekend was a Lost Weekend for me. Sadly, it was not lost in a haze of vodka, kittens, and gummi bears like I would have liked; instead, I was wracked with endless fever dreams due to my latest bout of mysterious illness (which I picked up either from a small sick child or from licking everyone's tonsils at the Orbit Room on Drinksgiving).

In any case, one of the things I did do this weekend was cook a dish from a recipe. Unsurprisingly, I didn't do a great job with it. See, I'm not much for recipes — I'm more of seat-of-my-pants kind of chef. ("Hmm, this banana bread frosting looks like it needs more powdered sugar. And more sour cream. Hell, let's just turn it into crepe batter!") But I used to have a whole set of "signature" dishes and I realize I can barely even remember what they were. I think I used to make this tasty baked portobello mushroom with chopped olives, walnuts, and cilantro... and I seem to recall making red pepper halves filled with pine nuts and melted feta cheese. And of course my famous apple cake. Hmm... more fever dreams?

In any case, because I've got entirely too much other shit to do AND I'm still sick, I've decided I'm going to cook more again and post the adventures in this journal. Since I don't eat, I'm afraid some of you may be forced to suffer as the guinea pigs in this new life experiment.


Apr. 18th, 2005 12:46 pm
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I am sick.

I went to bed at 7 p.m. last night. I got up at 8 a.m. this morning. I had about 3 hours (10 p.m. through 1 a.m.) of a kind of half-asleep/half-awake/feverish state. I had horrifying anxiety dreams and another dream about the step by step process of doing a mail merge.

I demand that you all amuse me to get my mind off my furious coughing! :)


Apr. 4th, 2005 06:21 pm
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I am shredding myself into small pieces with guilt and shame and sorrow over the death of Professor Dundes. To those who commented in my previous post and via other means, thank you. I found a wonderful link to some video excerpts of an interview he did with filmmaker Brian Flemming. The link is here. It doesn't seem possible that this has really happened. :(

Thus, I've failed utterly to be productive at work today. I've stayed late to make up for it, and still am not being producted. As a reward to myself, I decided I'm going to do some retail therapy and buy more user picture icons.


No joke

Apr. 1st, 2005 01:07 pm
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On Wednesday night, I had a very strange dream about my old mentor, Alan Dundes, a man who had a tremendous influence on my life and the shaping of my education. I had been a piss-poor student when I took his class at Cal — by the end of it, the fires of academe had been lit under me, and I turned my whole life around. I took more and more folklore classes and eventually went on to try and get my graduate degree in folklore. Alan Dundes was an inspiration to me. Not everyone agreed with his ideas, but to me, he was a mentor and a friend.

Wednesday night, or I should say morning, for night came at the end of a 6 hour drive, I dreamed that I was in the long hallway at Kroeber, and I went up to Professor Dundes' office to see him, like I had so many times before. He asked me what I was doing and I had to tell him. He was very disappointed and scolded me a little. I told him I'd gotten this job down in LA, but that I had quit it abruptly and was coming to work at Berkeley, like I had always wanted. He scolded me some more, then relented, and gave me a big bear hug, and we talked a bit about this new dream-job and the guilt I had at quitting my LA-job so abruptly.

I told some people about the dream yesterday. "Are you going to go see him while you're up home?" one asked, "You haven't gone to see him in a while." "No," I said, "He'll just be very disappointed in me for real, like he was in the dream." But, I always did love coming to see him and today, as I walked to the MUNI on my way home from my dentist appointment, I thought about maybe going over to Berkeley after all, or at least calling.

I got home, opened my computer for the first time since Wednesday, and saw a flurry of emails and I went on Yahoo News and my old mentor, Alan Dundes, died on Wednesday. He died doing what he loved, teaching. One time, we were talking and he told me: "The secret to happiness is to find something that you love doing and do it, and find someone to share it with." Alan Dundes had both.

The dream scares me. I am so sad right now. I will miss his wisdom. I am so ashamed I was too much of a wimp to go and see him. I'm so sorry.
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I've been feeling remarkably disjointed of late. On a metaphysical level, I'm questioning certain long-held truths. On a physical level, I'm spending so much time working that I've been dreaming about it. Imagine dreaming that you are in an Excel table, separating the components. Yeah. Anyway.

In the spirit of this, I've decided to share my favorite two "out of context" remarks from this past week with you. I welcome you to share some "out of context" remarks of your own. We could all use a good giggle, right?

1) "Damn it, but my crack's just getting bigger and bigger!!"

2) "Fucking beaver gets me every time!"

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Last night, I had dreams worthy of an acid trip. First, I dreamed an entire episode of SpongeBob SquarePants in which Patrick finds a real starfish (biologically correct) and freaks out. It was so much like a real SpongeBob episode that I have to wonder if my dream self hasn't somehow tuned into transmissions from Nickelodeon. Time to get out the tinhat!

Then, I dreamed that someone I haven't seen or spoken to in a really long time (and am no longer friends with) called me on the phone. I took the call, feeling unhappy and uncomfortable. Then they handed off the phone to their SO, someone else I used to be friends with and wouldn't want to talk to anymore. Afterwards, in the dream, I felt very unhappy for letting politeness get in the way of my real feelings, wondering why I didn't just say: "Look, I really don't want to talk to you" to those people.

The dream went on and on, after that. This is what happens when you take 5-HTP. You get these totally psycho dreams. I was so out of it this morning -- I couldn't really seem to wake up. I've spent the entire day in this half-awake, out-of-it state -- going through the motions. I've gotten nothing done on my list of 10,000 things I have to do.


Jan. 5th, 2003 11:52 am
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I had an absolutely hideous night last night. I went to bed fairly early for various reasons, then just couldn't sleep. As I lay there, I eventually entered a kind of weird transitional state where I wasn't quite asleep, nor quite awake, just kind of in between, feeling really cranky that I couldn't fall asleep. I'm not sure exactly when I did fall asleep, because whenever that happened, I started dreaming that I couldn't sleep and feeling really frustrated by it.

So, after having this endless dream about not being able to sleep, I then dreamed that I got up and logged into the game and was talking to one of the players (let's call him "Leo"). I'm telling him how I couldn't sleep at all, and that's why I've logged in. By then, I somehow realized that I had been asleep at some point, just dreaming that I couldn't sleep. I tell him this too, then realize: Oh my god! I'm asleep right now! I'm actually dreaming that I'm talking to Leo about having been unable to sleep and... and I wake up (in the dream). Then, I dream that I log into the game again and tell Leo that I dreamed about not being asleep and then about telling him about it.

In my dream, I see on my screen: "Leo pages: Whoah."

Somehow, I was able to get away from this endless loop, and started having a dream about being at my old grade school and wandering through it endlessly. Eventually, when I did wake up (or... did I?) I was compelled to write all this down. But I'm feeling like I didn't get any sleep at all.
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For some unknown reason, I decided to forego the Comtrex and drank a huge diet Coke, so I can't get to sleep and am drowning in my own snot. However, I do feel better than I did last night, so by next year, I should be just peachy.

It being the middle of the night, it's time for some old-fashioned contemplative rambling.

I have a friend who doesn't like to give/receive presents to/from friends. They just never got into that with his friends, apparently. On Zargon XV where he's from. (I know you're reading, alien freak, and you're still getting one, though you don't deserve it!) On the one hand, this seems odd to me, as we always gave gifts in my group of friends. On the other hand, it saves money and helps avoid those awkward moments when your casual acquaintance gives you a hardback novel by an author you don't like and you sneak down to the bookstore to trade it in for cheap booze and cigarettes.

I haven't done any shopping for presents. My mom's been hounding me about "what I want" for New Years (which is when we exchange gifts, and this is why), and I always say, "Nothing." When your realize (after following the link) that Russians call our Santa "Dead Morose," it won't be so shocking. Will it.

The thing is, though, "Nothing" is what I always say. I feel like I don't really want anything. Ever. All of my desires/wants/needs have been a flatline for so long. I don't want anything. I don't know really what I want. I don't know how to ask for it. I'm so terrified of being rejected about whatever it is, I'll make my request into a joke to cushion that blow of possible rejection. Then, no one takes it seriously.

I have to stop that shiznit. So, here's my list of things (I think) I really want, as of 3:30 a.m. on 12/27/02. )

I feel sleepy! Can it be time for an installment of "The whales have giant teeth?"
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This sudden resurgence in LJ posts -- what could it mean?

Well, for one, I'm sick, and want to grouse about it. Toward evening, I feel yuckier. I slept these last few hours. I don't remember the dreams though. Probably a good thing, all things considered.

The girl cats keep fighting. Why can't they all just get along? How soon before someone pees on my stuff?

I'm very cranky and feeling very apathetic about everything, especially the game. I don't really want to do anything on there. I've spent (wasted?) so much time on that puppy. What do I get from it? Aggravation? Frustration?

Ah well. Let's see how tonight's mix of booze & Comtrex fares inside my belly!

Long day

Dec. 25th, 2002 03:34 pm
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It's beginning to feel a lot like every winter I've spent in the Bay Area: days marked by lots of snot, nights marked by horrifying dreams induced by flu/cold medication.

I hate being sick. I hate feeling like my head's going to possibly fall off any minute. My teeth/sinuses are not happy campers. I hate being sick and cold (though I hate being sick and hot even more).

I woke up probably 5 times last night, trying to escape my crazy dreams. Each time, I'd go back to sleep and the dream would get even crazier. The part about the whales with the giant teeth seemed like a picnic after I was being chased by homicidal mafia members in Africa. Did I mention the marsh full of glow-in-the-dark statues?

I hope this goes away by the weekend. I really really do.


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