Dec. 4th, 2011 10:53 pm
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Earlier in the week, I overheard someone on the bus say, "Bye, TTYL!" They actually spelled it out: "Tee Tee Why El!" I was going to Tweet about it, but then I lost reception and forgot about it til just now.

Man, I just love the internet so much sometimes. Where would we be without it? Drawing captions with chalk onto cat daguerreotypes, that's where.
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Maybe this has made the rounds already, but I can't get over how funny it is:

The Nietzsche Family Circus

One of my favorites:
The irrationality of a thing... )



Jun. 19th, 2006 04:16 pm
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I ♥ the ACME Heart Maker site.
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Ok, I'm rarely the first to find anything, so I'm shocked that this gem isn't already all over everyone's LJs:

Trailer: "Brokeback to the Future"

This is priceless and brilliant. I can just see it: "I'm your density, Ennis. I mean... your destiny."

Also, there was an incident at Holy Cross on Saturday during Chris Penn's funeral. Craziness.
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Well, I'm back in LA after 4 blissful days of not being in LA. Now I'll have steady internet again and be able to fully catch up on everyone's LJs and all the other net stuff I've missed. Good times, I tell you, good times.
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My life is almost complete.

Internet teaches
Connection between clingfilm
and Roy Orbison

Fan fiction about Roy Orbison, wrapped in... clingfilm.

Commence reading!

ETA: I do know about the Roy-in-Clingfilm LJ Community (, where the shiny joy never ends! :)
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I am in desperate need of immediate web help. A web site needs to be completely overhauled and I have come to realize that I just don't have the skill set that will enable me to complete the job in an effective time frame. I can pick away at the code slowly, but that's not working out. What I need is to have someone else do the skeleton of the site; then I can flesh it out with content.

The problem: there's no money involved. I'm not getting paid and I can't pay for it either. So, here I sit in a leaky rowboat up "shit crick," with no paddle. I guess, in the immortal words of SuperChicken, "I knew the job was dangerous when I took it."


Oct. 12th, 2004 02:12 pm
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Maybe I am once more late on the bandwagon, but this is absolutely brilliant:

"Do you realize how many people became unemployed when Alderaan was destroyed?!" (or whatever)
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If pretentious late-night pontificating isn't your cup of tea: nothing to see here, move along.

Are you pondering what I'm pondering? )

Sleep now.
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Ponch and Jon are on TV! I've never seen this show before. It frightens me with its California Highway Patrol goodness. Why are these people the heroes of the show? They're the ones who give out tickets. Is this irony? And people are dancing disco... on roller skates.

All kinds of odd thoughts are going through my head.
  • I am no longer in constant pain from my various violations of the other day, except my arm just looks kind of disgusting. I will wear the scars proudly, however. By tomorrow, I think all the lingering pain will go away.
  • I'm thinking about making another poll.
  • The next time I go out of town to an undisclosed location, I think I'll be more upfront about it, so when the huge inevitable online disaster strikes, people will have less of a hassle trying to reach me. On the other hand, I don't really always feel like sharing my RL movements with the denizens of netland. Gotta strike that balance, I guess!

    Now it's like 3 hours later, but I'm too lazy to do anything about the outdated information.
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    All of these wonderful people are sending me email. They have fascinating names like Damon Bennett, Tamika Bowman, Alicia Trevino, Shelly Correa, Phil Hyatt, Carlo Berry, Ahmad Dill, Derrick Torres, Wilda Andersen... and they're very concerned about me. They want to make sure that I get a good mortgage rate and that my printer never runs out of ink. They're concerned about my medications and want to help me get my diploma. They're just there to help me find the best deal! I love these people.

    But the thing that excites me the most (as [ profile] vaznetti knows) is this promise that my "member" could increase in length and in girth. If I keep taking these natural penis enlargement pills, I might be able to go on the carnie circuit by the end of the month. SWEET!

    Feel the power of magnetic therapy!

    So -- yesterday, despite my 20 filters, and my ever-vigilant virus-scanners, I got spam that proceeded to explode my Eudora. I've fixed it, but this really really pisses me off. I'm now going to be checking all my email via webmail before I download it, because I'm not going to be taking any more chances, ever.

    Why I'm a cranky beaoootch! )

    Well, off to be cranky outside the house. Wish me luck!
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    The wind seems to have died down, which is a good thing, because my window is broken and liable to just fall out any minute now, I think. I have to call the landlord, but his lack of English-language skills is always a deterrent.

    When I was walking from my car, the gusts of wind were literally pushing me around. This high wind thing ended up with the power knocked out for at least four hours tonight, sending me into a tailspin of soul-searching. While I do have a lot of candles (and peeing by candlelight is always exciting!), electricity is what I'm all about. The laptop didn't seem to be discharging as quickly as I had feared it would, but I logged out to conserve the battery, just in case. Then I sat there, surrounded by candles, pining.

    The computer owns me.

    I think something has got to be done about my hair. I lost another chunk of it to a rubber band yesterday. I wonder if I'd still look absolutely horrible with short hair or if my newly rediscovered cheek bones would make a difference.

    Mmm... marzipan.
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    Suddenly, it's Friday, and I can't really think of where the week went or what I have to show for it. The truth is, after a very rocky start to it, I've been fairly complacent this whole week, content due to the absence of a major irritant that plagues me quite often when I am up here (commonly referred to as "That Man.). "That Man" left and suddenly, I was stress-free and feeling mighty fine about lolling about up here.

    But I am leaving this weekend... I am leaving, I am leaving, but the spider's throwing mints. (One of my favorite Mondegreens of all time)

    I was accused of being an internet addict last night. It's true, but I'm proud of it! But I still tried to argue about it.
    "No, I'm not an addict! Now, excuse me, there's this online thing I've got to go and do..."

    I feel like I ought to do something useful today, like rake some leaves or sort through my desk. Stay tuned!
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    I spent much of the day yesterday over at the World Science Fiction Convention, or more specifically, over at one of the hotels, hanging out with my friends from out of town in their hotel room. It makes me sad how far I've fallen from the fan tree. I am not even remotely interested in checking out the con itself. (Not that I could afford to if I wanted to do so.) In fact, as I drove up to the San Jose convention center, and saw the throngs of fans around, my first thought was: "Ugh."

    I wouldn't go so far as to say something snarky like I "outgrew it," because it's not true. I have just sublimated all that energy into my online pursuits. The inherent beauty of online pursuits is that you never have to actually go and see anyone and you can be geeky from the comfort of your own home. To wit, I was jonesing for internet so badly, that I begged my friend to let me log in from her laptop at the hotel.

    I enjoyed hanging out with my old friends and will do so again today, though to be honest, I've already had my fill of the way to San Jose. But I'm also hoping to catch up with [ profile] trystbat and maybe some people from online (see what a hypocrite I really am! Ha! Ha!) and there's a chance I'll sneak into the GRRM reading, but in general -- just not interested.

    At least all the cats remember me and are fighting over my lap right now.


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