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Apparently, the summer is almost over. We are heavily into Burning Man season and thundering toward Work Event Craziness season. Where does the time go? I donno.


Sep. 18th, 2011 08:52 am
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Well, so much for keeping up with LJ. Don't worry, you haven't missed all that much.
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April may be the cruelest month, but February was kind of a bitch. So hopefully things will normalize soon and then I can procrastinate things like the Virtues meme just because I'm lazy, not because I'm dealing with stressful RL crap!

Again, this is a placeholder post because I'm always thinking about that "first line" meme.
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Just like last year, I've let my paid account lapse. I'm not sure I'm going to bother restoring it this time, despite the resulting loss of 90% of my user pics and 100% of my uploaded content. On the one hand, what is it? $25? On the other, I don't think it's worth even that much, considering how little I've posted in here over the last year. I may change my mind later (again).

Lots of people have written interesting posts about the "death of LJ." For me, it's not that the "soundbytes" of Facebook or Twitter have replaced LJ as the favored form of communication. I'm just tired and at the end of the day, even when I have plenty to talk about here, I can't seem to be bothered. I can't be bothered to do a lot of things right now, unfortunately. It's always a bad sign when I start avoiding my best friend, the Internet.

Oh well, buck up, little trooper!
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Yes, I am in LA, desperately struggling to finish packing up the apartment, while working as a part-time, non-exempt employee at my old job. The wireless at the apartment is being a little bitch, so I have to rely on my precious Sidekick for sweet, life-giving Internet.

I have decided to do an experiment similar to something [ profile] takeitez did before. I am going to attempt to subsist for a week on the food and drink that is currently at the apartment (and the snacks at work). I already cheated a little, because I had to buy a pan to boil things in and some popcorn.

I am already sick of this experiment. Anyhow! Things are good. I will do a full summary later on.
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I don't know whether it's the fact that my ever-dwindling attention span is now only able to keep up with Facebook/Twitter, or simply that my love affair with LJ is finally coming to an end. I just know that I really shouldn't have wasted the money on that paid account renewal.

Some notable stuff from May through July:
+ Rescued some adorable kittens
+ Got to go to the annual [ profile] toastmantom Memorial Day Weekend BBQ
- Got very ill at the annual [ profile] toastmantom Memorial Day Weekend BBQ
+ Visits to LA by [ profile] mzsa, [ profile] mittenz, [ profile] wyckhurst, and [ profile] eto_theipi
+ Went to the beach twice
+ The ants have gone away
+ Went to both a Rhett Miller concert and an Old 97's concert
+ Went to a great concert at the Hollywood Bowl
+ Went to Infected Mushroom and remembered to bring earplugs
- Inexplicable sudden total irrecoverable failure of my laptop's hard drive
- I am an idiot who does not make regular backups :(
- All my photos from 2008-2009 are now lost forever, along with all my music and all my writing
+ A friend gave me a replacement hard drive for free!!!!!
+ I still love my Sidekick
- It's having problems with the headset, so phone conversations have dwindled
+ Celebrated our 4th Chip-a-versary on July 19/20th!!!!
+ Chip seems to be doing really well
- Chip is misbehaving horribly every morning, clawing and biting me as early as 5 a.m. in his quest for food
+ Going to Vegas this weekend for [ profile] bigkgbguy's annual birthday party!!!

Well, that about sums it up.
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Once again, I have not been updating. Bah! I promise I will have a real update soon. No, really. I have all kinds of exciting things to say about work, life, drunken exploits, Chip, and, of course, Burning Man.

Speaking of which, I leave you with this IM conversation from this morning:

[ profile] aceofkittens: I had awful Burning Man anxiety dreams
[ profile] invisiblebf: sorry to hear that. were you running late for your camp when you realized you hadn't studied at all the rest of the year and had left all of your stuff at home and were naked?

Well, of course I was naked - it was Burning Man! ;)


Jan. 18th, 2009 10:31 am
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Unlike many people on my f-list and elsewhere, I do not have tomorrow off. This is very disappointing for a number of reasons, but chiefly because I find that I am so exhausted by work right now that it takes me the entirety of Saturday to recover. I mostly just lie there going "buh buh buh" and staring off into space. By Saturday evening, I've perked up, but don't want to do anything. That means Sunday ends up being the day I have to do all those nasty life chores I have been avoiding.

Although, lying there going "buh buh buh" is also quite appealing.

I think I'll go do that for a while.


Nov. 9th, 2008 07:07 pm
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I'm drinking red wine. Some of you know why this is a BAD IDEA.

Daryl is here cooking us dinner!!!

We're watching the GNR videos. Axl used to be so young and hot. What happened?

P.S. I may be really drunk. And I would drunk dial all of you, BUT my phone is dead. It's in two pieces... again.

ETA: [ profile] toastmantom, this is for you:
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I dreamed last night that [ profile] toastmantom and I were supposed to perform two sets in a club. The talent scout was coming for the second set. After we finished the first one, I went upstairs, while Toasty and a bunch of other people worked on making the punch for the Memorial Day Party. I went for a drive in Baltimore with my mom and some other people, and saw there were a lot of really really tall trees with large grapefruit hanging down. "There's pomegranates, too!" said the driver, whoever he was, and after I unsuccessfully tried to take one off a tree (it turned out to be a strawberry), we returned to the club to discover that Toasty was now too drunk to perform a second set so our big chance at stardom was ruined. Boy, was I mad! The dream went on into other directions, but that was the best part.

By the way, neither [ profile] toastmantom nor I are musicians.

But here's what's really going on - tl;dr )


Aug. 3rd, 2008 09:03 pm
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We came back this evening from Vegas to discover the house overrun with ... Ants! Ants! Ants! It's particularly gross this time — they are all over Chip's water dish, as well as other unlikely locations.

Chip himself is still at the clinic where we boarded him and the place feels weird and lonely without him.

Also, I'm going to Baltimore Tue-Thu. It's going to be a long week.

I'm tired.
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Sure, we're all fine, everybody's fine here. But I'm not going to pretend it was nothing. That earthquake this morning scared the crap out of me. It lasted a long time. It just kept going. Most quakes, by the time you think, "Hey, should I maybe get into the doorway or under the desk..." it's already over. This one, not only did I have time to think it, I discussed it with my coworker, and then we climbed awkwardly under our respective desks.

I was there for both the Loma Prieta and Northridge quakes, so yeah, ok, this one wasn't as bad, bla bla, whatever. My office is on the 5th floor of a 10 story building, which is on rollers, so even after the actual quake stopped, the building slowly kept swaying, back and forth. It took quite a while for my heart to stop pounding like a jackhammer, and my legs to stop quivering. I'm not ashamed of being frightened.


Jul. 9th, 2008 08:36 am
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The week thus far:

- Monday after long weekend is full of fail
- Work is continually kicking my ass
- Scheduled 30 minute dental work on Tuesday morning lasts nearly 2 hours
- Unexpected inability to chew anything without pain for the rest of the day
+ Driving down to Anaheim to see [ profile] takeitez
++ ETA: forgot the very important point of MATCHING RITE-AID HOODIE POWER!
- My phone doesn't work down there
++ Drinks with [ profile] takeitez
+ Liquid potato with [ profile] takeitez
+ [ profile] rxw sneakily calls us on [ profile] invisiblebf's phone
+ Drunken spontaneous decision to go to Disneyland at 9 p.m.
++ Drunken Disney adventures
+++ [ profile] takeitez is tricked into sitting in the very front on Splash Mountain. Ha Ha!
- Being very wet in our pants at 10:30 p.m. after Splash Mountain
- Matterhorn was not that much fun
- Home at like 1:40 a.m.
----- Having to go to work this morning
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Back from the whirlwind tour of Missouri. It was fun, but I'm tired. At least it's a short week... sort of. It feels endless. I am still blah and not following LJ very closely. I went to the dentist this morning and it sounds like the reason I've had such painful sensitivity to cold/hot is because a number of my fillings are cracked and broken and need to be replaced. That's going to be a lot of fun.

Conversation in bed this morning:
[ profile] aceofkittens: "Aww, did you see how Chip was lying so on top of me?"
[ profile] invisiblebf: (fuzzily) "He's just prospecting for oil."
[ profile] aceofkittens: "...WHAT?!!"
[ profile] invisiblebf: (pause) "Um... inexplicable crossover with dream."
He's very cute when he's asleep.

For Bay Area people, my friend Daryl Shawn has an all-instrumental guitar show this weekend and you should go:
Saturday, July 5, 7 p.m. sharp!
Meridian Gallery
535 Powell Street (at Bush), San Francisco, CA
$5-10 sliding scale donation (no one refused for lack of funds


Jun. 25th, 2008 08:58 am
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I haven't really been posting, nor have I been reading LJ closely. I am what in the business is known as "blah."

Chip = no significant change. Some days are better than others.

I do have some things I wanted to write about but... too much effort.

Sorry to have surely missed people's posts. :/

Maybe this trip to Kansas City will be the thing that re-sets me back into a good mood. Yeah, right. (Going to a wedding there this weekend).

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What's going on with me lately? I know you've been wondering...

Wonder no more! )
Well, that's probably more than enough: tl;dr... Over and out.
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[ profile] invisiblebf and I are in Arizona this weekend for a wedding. It should be a lot of fun and I'm sure I'll have lots to post about later.

However, I have to cry about the loss of one of my special LA secrets. You see, for years, when I've gone away on trips, I've stashed my car in this secret FREE parking area by the airport. Today, I discovered that the jig was up, and that whole area has been converted to 2-hour parking. *Wail!* So unfair!
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It was probably all the alcohol we had last night, but I had some spectacularly awful nightmares. And it really shouldn't have been like that, because we watched Ratatouille and various scenes from the LOTR movies, but no, instead of processing it into cute dreams about rats and LOTR porn, my brain decided to delight me with some viscerally painful stuff. Let's just say that the LEAST painful of these dreams involved me driving a motorcycle that was manual transmission (I know... what?!) and then crashing it somewhere in downtown LA and skidding on my face along the pavement. I'd say this dream was because Chip was biting my face to get me to feed him, but I was already awake for that.

Shockingly, we didn't feel so great this morning, but because white people like farmers' markets, [ profile] invisiblebf and I forced ourselves out of the house and walked over to the farmers' market down the street. Amongst other things, I bought a yam. Help me out here, [ profile] pokiedot & [ profile] fairyarmadillo, how long does it take to cook one of those? ;)

On the walk over and back, we rehashed what happened last night. [ profile] invisiblebf encapsulated it perfectly: "It's hard to recreate the evening without the trail of text messages."

Noooooo kidding.

Ho hum

Mar. 11th, 2008 10:55 am
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My mom spontaneously came to visit over the weekend, which was awesome, but made the weekend very busy, since I already had some other plans, including a wedding shower. The funniest moment during her visit was when I came out into the living room and found her dusting. I said: "What are you doing?" She said, "I'm looking at your knick-knacks." I said, "MOM! We look with our EYES, not with our HANDS!" :) After denying she was dusting, she finally cracked and said, "Well, if you're going to have knick-knacks, you should take better care of them!" :) Hi-larious!

Unfortunately, I seem to fail at snail. I had my first work-snail fatality, followed by the realization that the bowl was exuding a foul stench. It proved to be that the water plant is rotting. I don't know if it's because it needs running water or some other reason, but I guess I'm probably going to have to get a real tank if I'm going to keep these snails. What this also means is that my home-snails are probably going to be doing even worse, since their bowl is smaller and the plant is probably dead there too (though I haven't noticed a stench). I cleaned the bowl and replaced the water in the meantime, and they are all exploring their newly-clean world happily and climbing up the rigging in the pirate ship.

Tonight is a work happy hour... all I can say is:

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The other week, we discovered a red-brown worm in our bathtub. It was a total mystery as to how it got in there, but it had been raining a lot and I figured maybe the worm came out of the bath drain or something. The worm was alive and I took it over to my neighbor's flowerpot. It proceeded to dig its way in. I was happy that a worm-friend had somehow come into our home. [ profile] invisiblebf, on the other hand, was very concerned that the worm might have come out of Chip. He spent a long time reading about worms online and looking up pictures that should not have been looked at. In the end, he cautiously agreed that it was probably not a Chip-worm.

I decided to prank [ profile] invisiblebf and bought a big pack of Gummi Worms in secret. It was supposed to rain really hard today, and it did! I got up first and set out two of the Gummi Worms in the bathtub on top of a piece of clingfilm. Then, when he asked if I wanted to have the first shower, I said, "No, no, you go ahead." The shout of "WHAT?!" and the WTF expression on his face were perfect. Success!!! :)

Yesterday, I did three things in L.A. that I had never done before. First, I took SecondCousinOfKittensOnceRemoved to the Velaslavasay Panorama, which is something I never even heard of until she told me about it. Then, we went to dinner at a restaurant called Pure Luck, which was a Vegan place that makes dishes out of jackfruit... it's bizarre, but delicious. I tried some really yummy spinach salad with "blackened jackfruit" and we also had some fried pickles. Then, we went across the street to this ice cream/gelato place called Scoops, where potential flavors included "Vanilla & Rum," "Strawberry & Black Pepper," and "Chocolate & Jaegermeister." All in all, it has been a weekend full of win.


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