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I woke up to an email from [ profile] cheesehead1701 that Aja had died this morning. Aja was another grande dame of the cat world, a lot like Vassilissa in some ways. She was a force of nature, an unforgettable cat who traveled everywhere that [ profile] cheesehead1701 did, even to Japan.

Back in 2003, when they lived with me, Aja was so clingy that I got to calling her Barnacle Betty. She annoyed me with her clinginess at times, but we had some pretty hilarious moments. I missed my girls both so much when they left.

I still miss them both so much.

Here's a photo of our beautiful girl Aja )

2008 really has not been a good year in so many ways. I am glad it will soon be over. Huge hugs and love to [ profile] cheesehead1701.
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Today is our 3-year Chip-a-versary! I found him on July 15, 2005, and I took possession of him on July 20, 2005.

Oh the Chip )


May. 22nd, 2008 09:01 pm
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RIP, Vassilissa
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more cat pictures

It's like... a photo from the inside of my mind!
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So, this is how it starts, I can tell. The thought that I should upgrade the snails' home became a plan and I went and bought them a real aquarium. A very cheap one, but more than I'd wanted to spend. I could have gotten it about $5 cheaper online, but I didn't want to wait. I set it up yesterday and brought the home snails back to work to rejoin their brethren.

Behold, Snail World! )

The only problem is that the air pump/filter is really loud and distracting and so I am only going to be running that at night. Also, I think the plant is still dying. Oh well! :)
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So, my coworkers have a little fish tank and their fish tank snails had bred and multiplied. I kept telling them I would take some snails off their hands, but I just never got around to doing it, and then we were moving, so I told them that I'd go get a snail bowl after the office move.

Well, they got sick of waiting for me to do it, and this morning, I got surprised with a gift of a fish bowl filled with snails and a pirate ship. As my coworker Josh gave it to me, he said: "Snaili-yo-ho-ho!" It was so awesome.

Snaili-yo-ho-ho! )

The only problem is, they are all escaping out the top. I'm going to come in on Monday and have a desk covered with 45 escaped snails, I can feel it. :)
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Thanks to an amazing White Elephant gift exchange, I am now the proud owner of what must surely be a replica of the Holy Stone of Clonrichert! Behold its glory:

A great start to the new year! :)
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Earlier today, I got the best haircut OF MY LIFE EVER. Thank you, [ profile] emmiepie!

My mom was like: "What? I thought you were actually getting a haircut. You just barely trimmed it." WHATEVER! It is so awesome and looks great!

Pictures to come. Photos under the cut
Photos )
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I have been failing at LJ entirely. It's been very busy! :) [ profile] vaznetti and her husband are visiting. Today, I took a personal day, and we went to the Getty Villa in Malibu. While there, I discovered an ancient Roman mosaic that might possibly be a very early cat macro...

Mosaic macro )

On the agenda for tomorrow: my company holiday party aka major drunkfest.
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For some reason, it was just too hard to take photos at Burning Man this year, but I did get a few good ones.

My playa photos, I will show you them... )

Reality & work loom before me... peace out. :)
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Remember that Art Meme? No? Hey, it was only 11 months ago! And remember that Photo Meme? Come on, that was only 6 months ago!

[ profile] rxw wrote: I'd like to see a picture of something you've been putting off, then finished, and are satisfied with.

Well, I'm happy to tell you all that I have finally finished that damn Art Meme! :) And I'm pretty happy with how everything turned out. Though it certainly wasn't done in a timely manner, I really gave all of them 100%! It wasn't even that I procrastinated on this project (that much), it just proved to be that some of the art took longer to put together than I thought it would.

When I get back from Burning Man, I'll post all 5 things and some explanations, but in the meantime, I'll just post one of them for [ profile] rxw, under the cut.

O hai I went to collaj )

And now, to start packing. Something else I've put off, but hopefully will finish.
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July 19 is our Chip-a-versary. Two wonderful years! I hope for many more. Oh, how I miss him and I can't wait to see him soon.

Obligatory photo:

Paw x 2 )

D'awww. Ok, that is all.
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Ok, ever since Dan & [ profile] polishhomeclub's bday party, I've had this hilarious idea for a lol-cap photo. Then when [ profile] polishhomeclub and [ profile] omakase were visiting a few weeks ago, we tried to take the photo that would work best with what I had in mind, but nothing worked out quite right. Then also during their visit, I bought a very special cucumber at the farmers market...

Thus, I present to you:


Also, last Friday I went a little crazy with the hair dye, resulting in a near-total purplification of my hair. More photos below.

Hurble Purple Hath a Red Girdle )

Well, I am done cam-whoring for the time being! :)

O Hai

Jun. 17th, 2007 10:36 am
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I was listening to him purr while watching it on the webcam. :)
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Remember that photo meme? Well, I'm finally getting around to posting the last of the photos.

For [ profile] mango_king: Photos of my mighty booze collection.
Drink! )

For [ profile] toastmantom: Me playing DDR.
DDR... Max! )

Still need to post:
A picture of something I've been putting off but finally finished for [ profile] rxw
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This weekend, I went and visited Chip in San Francisco. Oh sure, I had a few other things going on... but basically, I couldn't wait to see my cat. :) Unfortunately, Chip was really mad at me and gave me the cold shoulder at first. He wouldn't purr for me and he jumped off the bed when I sat next down to him. I cried. :( But by the end of the weekend, he thawed out... just in time for me to leave.

However, while up there, we enabled our webcams, so now there's Chip-cam and Ace-cam, all nicely lined up and broadcasting in a secret location. I spent the evening getting my Chip-fix! And here are some screencaps. Be prepared to go: "Awwww."

Necessary close-ups )
Well, anyway, I am back in LA now and ready to finish a bunch of stuff I've been putting off. No, really.
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So much to say, so little motivation to actually say anything. Maybe I'll write it up during a lull at work... hahahahah!

There was a brief lull of Daily Chip photos, but this one is worth the wait:

The cutest photo ever taken )
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All the "Daily Chip" photos were too cute. I could not pick just one. Feel free to write some captions and submit to I Can Has Cheezburger.

Oh hai, I am the most adorable kitteh evar! )
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In our regularly scheduled life, MIB usually sends me at least 2-3 phone-camera photos of Chip every day and hopefully he will keep doing so. Now that MIB and Chip are going to be gone all summer, I've decided to start posting the best of the daily photos here in my LJ whenever I feel especially soul-suckingly lonely. Feel free to macro them up if you want! :)

For your consideration: 05-29-07 )
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Conversation from a few moments ago:

[ profile] aceofkittens: You should get a LJ, you know...
MIB: Uh huh... yeah, yeah.
[ profile] aceofkittens: That way you can read all my locked posts...
MIB: Uh huh, yeah...
[ profile] aceofkittens: Especially when you're gone this summer.
MIB: Couldn't I just talk to you?
[ profile] aceofkittens: ...
[ profile] aceofkittens: I'm going to have to post about this!
MIB: That's pathetic.

Accomplishments of the weekend include: I unpacked my Mr. Bento & set up my Sansa MP3 player — instead of doing anything that actually needed doing, of course! :)

ETA: Photo of #1 Mr. Bento lunch. The lunchbox was a lot less roomy on the inside than I thought it would be.
photo! )


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