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The fact that you can't edit your comments if your LJ isn't "paid" was the last straw and I subscribed for another year. Damn you, LJ! But now that you've got me, I'm going to put you to work... with a poll!

You see, I wanted to write another meme that was the flip side of the "Seven Deadly Sins" meme, but in doing so, discovered that there's two different lists of virtues. One is the list of "Seven Heavenly Virtues" which corresponds directly to the sins, and the other is the list of "Cardinal" virtues. There's some overlap, but it's not the same. So, without further ado:

[Poll #1706821]

Numerous monkeys are standing by numerous typewriters in anticipation of a tidal wave of responses. :)
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Chip update: no change, he is still limping horribly. He otherwise seems happy and perky, and is behaving fairly normally. He doesn't seem to be getting worse, but he's not getting better, either. The vet on Wednesday said to give it time, but he had no answers. He didn't think it was a blood clot, but had no real ideas beyond that it's "neurological." I am at a loss as to what to do. I guess I'll wait. :(

Ok, so now I've got this quandary and I honestly don't know what to do about it. My company has won a major award for the project that has been my "baby" for the last year, the company Intranet. The award ceremony is in NYC on June 12 and my boss said that I can go if I want to. If we don't send someone, they'll just ship us the award — there's not much real "benefit" to the company to send someone (the networking opportunity is minimal). So this would primarily be a "reward/recognition" thing for me for all the work I've put in on this project.

However, I would essentially be going to NYC for one day. I'd fly out on the red-eye on Wednesday night, get there Thursday morning - bum around all day, go to the awards ceremony at night, then go back to LA Friday morning. reasons to go or not go ) What do YOU think?

[Poll #1196973]

Thanks! :)
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In honor of [ profile] takeitez's birthday today (Happy birthday!), I have created a poll for her. Please take this poll, it's easy... if you're not too busy, that is.

Just how busy ARE you? Let's find out! )
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Thanks to everyone who took my poll!

In about 30 minutes, I will be journeying behind the Orange Curtain for this wedding and when I get back tomorrow, I will reveal what I wore, why I believe it's better to have never loved at all than to have love and lost, oh, and my current bra size.

Have a good weekend! :)
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First of all, happy birthday to [ profile] fillyjonk! Though you'll never read this, I hope you had a great day.

And now, for something completely different, a poll:
The Random Friday Poll )

Carry on!
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As part of an experiment by [ profile] takeitez, I invite you to answer the following question:

[Poll #931051]

Feel free to discuss your reasoning in comments!
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Oddly enough, last year at this time, I was in the same exact place I am now: sick with a nasty phlegmy illness (and whining about it!). In that same entry, I vowed that I would start cooking more and start posting more about it.

Obviously, I got over last year's nasty illness (so that gives me hope for this year's). But I didn't really post all that much about my culinary adventures and I certainly never offered up any photos of these degustatory delights. That's because I am lazy. I actually have been cooking a lot more lately, mostly soups (as evidenced by my recent romp with Botulism Soup).

My signature soup right now is what I call "The soup that is too hot for anyone else to eat." [ profile] plumb_crazy tried a slightly less spicy version of this soup on his last trip to LA. I have since enhanced the recipe, by which I mean that I tripled the amount of cayenne pepper I put in there and started using jabanero peppers instead of jalapeno peppers. I also like to dump chili powder and dry mustard into the pot, just for a bit of kick. The soup contains random other vegetables, such as broccoli, cabbage, zucchini, carrots, onions, and various peppers. I don't get bored of eating this soup. It definitely clears the sinuses.

Now I have all these mangoes that I bought during a Costco frenzy. I already found a recipe for mango & jabanero chutney that I will probably make. But in trying to get rid of the mangoes, I've decided I want to know how you — yes, you, my loyal readers — eat your mangoes!

Thus, The Mango Poll: (Shoutout to [ profile] mango_king)
Mango Poll )


Jul. 4th, 2006 11:44 pm
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I have located the special magical cord that connects my camera to the computer and allows downloads to happen. Hooray! Now I can download all my photos from the last month and a half and take new photos.

I've been planning to do a "Day in the Life" sort of photo essay, where I take pictures of my boring day for everyone's voyeristic amusement. But... is there any subject in particular you'd like to see in a posted photo?

This calls for a poll.

[Poll #762310]
Well, this should break up the monotony a bit. I have a two day work week this week as well.
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A discussion with [ profile] pokiedot and [ profile] fairyarmadillo has led me to make this poll.

Shatner vs. Nimoy )
Enjoy! :)
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Recently, a few things happened which got me thinking about how we interact with others. All of these thoughts germinated over the weekend into the following poll. There are no right/wrong answers. I'm just curious about what other people would do in the situations below.

What Would You Do? )

And happy May Day and all that.
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In lieu of anything else interesting, a poll:
The Random Questions Poll )
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I don't sleep all that much compared to a lot of people. I tend to go to bed late (by choice) and wake up early (by necessity). Eventually, I start to lag and I usually need a good "sleep-in" to recharge my batteries and then I am right back in the sleepless saddle... whee! :)

But once I do go to sleep, I am a solid sleeper. I rarely get up for any reason during the night and I'm not all that easy to wake up in the morning. Sometimes, I say funny/crazy shit when people try to wake me up. Also, I'm able to sleep just about anywhere. I've snoozed at a Metallica concert, at a pool hall, and at a club in Vegas. But I know everyone's different and I'm bored and curious, so... I present...
The Nighttime Sleeping Habits Poll )

And now... off to screw around online for another 5 or 6 hours before bedtime. ;)
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I got a free webcam from work. This is terrifying and wonderful. I've never had a webcam. What should I do with it? Help me out, gentle readers!!!

[Poll #661637]

Also, I have absolutely no idea how to make a webcam broadcast webby goodness into webland. Please explain. Thanks!
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I don't have walking pneumonia! See, I knew it. Blahblah, severe bronchitis/infection, blahblah. But I guess I was heading toward "Borderline," so it's good that I went in and got the new pills. These new pills have some interesting side effects, but I'm just going to ignore that and keep taking them.

In the meantime, my darling [ profile] toastmantom has gifted me with a pic which I am pondering making my new default LJ userpic. I've had Britney, patron saint of My Cat Hates You, as my default userpic since I started this LJ. I love that kitty's expression and attitude, but maybe it's time for a change?

[Poll #515449]

To speed up the recovery of my lungs, I went and had me some Ebay moments. This is on top of having gummi bears and Diet Coke for dinner. I live life to the fullest!
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Got some interesting, though sparsely populated, suggestions. What, are you all asleep? :) Surely you can't have better things to do with your life. Start commenting in my polls and feeding my ego!!!

The runners-up:

  • "Fencing" — I used to do that competitively. It's too expensive & time consuming & no longer appeals to my "innner Musketeer."
  • "Yoga" — I already do that. :)
  • "Bird watching" — Mmm, tasty... little birds... tasty. I do occasionally do that by the canals. I've seen a bittern, coots, pelicans, and my precious black-crowned night herons.

    And the winner is.... [ profile] 8ofswords with her suggestion of "Urban wildlife photography - the snails!" :) She will receive an autographed copy of my future book (no doubt a national bestseller) of snail photography, entitled Happy Trails. Ta!
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    I am having a really hard time finding something that could occupy the .3 hours of free time I have every day. I would like some direction in my life; who better to provide it than you, gentle readers. Feel free to tell me where to go, as well.

    [Poll #458679]

    I'll pick my favorites and let you know if it works out or not. Thanks!
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    I've been stuffing my cheek pouches all day. First, I was grazing at the craft service table of the TV production which is currently occupying my workplace. Then, I went to a giant staff holiday party. Then, I went out to dinner. I'm melting into the couch, digesting the day's events as I slip into a food coma, and mulling things over. Really, I'd like to make another quiz, but for the moment, this poll will do. So:

    [Poll #404754]
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    Hmm, well, interesting poll results, but not terribly unexpected as far as I'm concerned. All in the name of science! Purely scientifically, however, people who hang their TP 'under' are freaks, and must be reconditioned to think properly.

    For those who wanted to know, the "home court advantage" is as follows: there are some people in this world who are psychologically unable to relieve themselves (#2) in a public bathroom and must be at home to do so. A lot of them seem to be Canadians...

    Well, anyway, I wanted to move on from the poll and start up again with my typical whining. ;) 10-4!!
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    This is for you, [ profile] technicolourrat! :) I hope that the answers satisfy your curiosity. Feel free to invite your friends to take the poll! :)

    [Poll #401751]
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    I am going to a costume party in a couple of weeks and I haven't a clue what to be. Mind you, I have giant trunks full of Victorian and Renaissance clothing, but I don't consider that "appropriate" to wear to a costume party. I need something new... something fresh! In the recent past, I've dressed up as a Spider Baby ("it's got the head of a baby and the body of a spider!") and a cheap French hooker. This year, I can't seem to come up with a good idea. I need your help! Oh, and I'm lazy. So it can't be high effort. Have at it!

    [Poll #360167]

    Can't wait to see what you all come up with. I live for these moments! ;)


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