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Well, I went ahead and renewed my paid account. I feel like doing some polls later and I missed my userpics.

But now, the crap headset that came with my new phone has died, so I have to go and buy a new headset. Maybe this new one won't make me sound like I'm underwater inside a wind tunnel.
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Just yesterday, I'd been saying I'd like to get over to BevMo somehow (there isn't one close by), and today, we went to visit some people and I saw a BevMo on the way in! Woo! So on the way out, we stopped back in and I got the following items:

  • Pink Vodka, "the world's first ultra premium vodka that is infused with caffeine and guarana." Haven't tried it yet, but it sounds like "heart attack vodka" to me!

  • Feigling Fig Vodka, fig vodka I've had before at The Girl and The Fig in Sonoma. I've made some kind of yummy drink with it just now that involves strawberry lemonade.

    Get ready for some drunk-texting! :)
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    My mom is coming to visit next weekend, so I am frantically cleaning... if by "frantically cleaning," I mean: sitting on the couch and not cleaning at all. :)

    Yesterday, we went to Whole Paycheck, where I spent $50 on very few choice items. :) We bought Red Dragon cheese and it was so delicious and so worth it. However, we didn't finish it and you're not supposed to refrigerate it, but leave it out to "enjoy at room temperature," which kind of freaks me out. So today we may buy a cheese dome.

    I really need to post the photo of Chip sleeping on my foot!

    Finally, happy birthday to the lovely [ profile] emmiepie, who loves elves almost as much as I do! :) ♥
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    So, on Sunday, I went with Dave and Katya to dim sum, Chinatown, Little Tokyo, and the Garment District. I made some very important and totally necessary Burning Man purchases. Look, this stuff is important!! Um.... um.

    O hai I am wearing your luck )

    And what goes well with that? )

    Why you not wear wig? )

    And the insanity continues! :)
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    Earlier today, I went to Costco to buy sunscreen. And... they didn't have it. So I ended up buying a bunch of other stuff, including some Burning Man supplies. Now that I am definitely going, it's good to plan ahead.

    Unfortunately, no, I am not doing my Burning Man art project. It got too complicated and expensive. Hey, I've always been more about the concept than the follow-through. :) Another time, perhaps...

    Tomorrow, I'm going fabric shopping with Space Captain Puppy McDog! Afterwards, champagne madness & dim sum, not necessarily in that order! :)
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    Over the weekend, a new MP3 player was purchased for me by MIB. It is a SanDisk® Sansa with 1G capacity. It's so cute and I think I can make playlists and everything. Yay!

    Of course, it's enough for me just to own it — I didn't open it nor program it. Just like my Mr. Bento lunchbox.
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    Wow, I'm finally mostly sober. :)

    I've never tried the "all you can drink champagne madness" element of the weekend brunch at my favorite local café before. It was a great success. As I said to my three partners-in-crime going in: "All you can drink, eh? I bet that we can drink all of it!" And we made a valiant effort. I only wish we'd thought to take pictures.

    After the first two bottles were gone, Space Captain Puppy McDog was like, "Wait, didn't we order something else? We ordered food, didn't we? Did we?" By the time the food arrived, we were well into bottle #3. All in all, we drank 4 bottles of the finest cheap-ass champagne our money could buy. Woo hoo! :) I think we can do even better next time.

    I tried to force my way into the men's restroom at the retaurant and, as some of you know all too well, I drunk-dialed and drunk-texted to my heart's content as we stumbled back to the apartment. Then we had tea and eventually went to CompUSA, where I drunkenly bought a new color/photo printer and some other stuff on sale.

    Good times, good times! :)
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    Yesterday, I purchased a pair of boots which I love so much that I may marry them! And soon I will post pics of them and pics and stories from my trip. But, I have my priorities, so:

    12 Days of Xmas Quiz )

    Old Year/New Year Meme )
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    I am not a person who enjoys shopping for its own sake. (The one exception to this rule is my beloved Costco — ah, free samples and 25-pound bags of flour, how I love you!) Therefore, one of my missions this weekend was simple: go to Target & purchase new tights and work-socks and maybe some cute striped socks (because I'm all about copying [ profile] humminggirl's style).

    The black vortex of retail aka WalMart )
    I am a consumer whore!
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    It has been a very long time since your trusted servant [ profile] aceofkittens last went through the torment of bra shopping. (And I didn't even buy any back then!) At this point, I've achieved "Critical tits," in that all my bras are so old and worn out that I have to wear two pairs at once to get any sort of support.

    Yesterday, I gritted my teeth and set out to buy some new bras. I figured I would call upon the licensed bra-ologists at certain key retail establishments and hopefully come out the other side of this fierce battle with at least one decent piece of boob-support.

    Apparently, a memo has been issued that all bras must henceforth be hideously ugly as well as unspeakably expensive. Also, three different stores = three different bra measurements. My amazing telescoping boobs are working overtime.

    So, the "department store" bra-shopping experiment was a total bust. Pun intended. Tonight, I will go to (c)Ross Dress For Less. The bras are just as ugly there, but at least they don't cost you your monthly salary.
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    The ebayed AC adaptor showed up today, and there was much cheer and rejoicing at House of Ace as the little green light came on in my laptop & it rejoined the land of the living once again. About twenty minutes later, it spontaneously turned itself off again as I very carefully moved it from the coffee table to the floor. Then it was back. Then it was gone. Now it's back.

    What this means: the connection between adaptor & laptop seems to be a little loose and I can't move the laptop at all if I want it to stay on. "Oh, if only I still had a working battery!" I moaned to myself, "Wait a minute... just like I got this adaptor off ebay, why, I bet I could... ebay... a battery... I... I... fuck." Minutes later, I had a bid in for a battery, for a fraction of its "new" cost.

    "It's really pissing you off that you didn't think of ebaying a battery earlier," my friend said when I told this story. "How do you know that?" I countered. "Oh, I can just tell," he responded. Too true. Why didn't I think of it earlier? Sometimes, I'm just not that smart.

    I'm going to do all kinds of online stuff later, including a meme, email, and some game stuff. Right now, I've got to get some work done. :/
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    I don't have walking pneumonia! See, I knew it. Blahblah, severe bronchitis/infection, blahblah. But I guess I was heading toward "Borderline," so it's good that I went in and got the new pills. These new pills have some interesting side effects, but I'm just going to ignore that and keep taking them.

    In the meantime, my darling [ profile] toastmantom has gifted me with a pic which I am pondering making my new default LJ userpic. I've had Britney, patron saint of My Cat Hates You, as my default userpic since I started this LJ. I love that kitty's expression and attitude, but maybe it's time for a change?

    [Poll #515449]

    To speed up the recovery of my lungs, I went and had me some Ebay moments. This is on top of having gummi bears and Diet Coke for dinner. I live life to the fullest!
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    After a recent post by [ profile] sweetbums about food waste, I decided to take a figurative hatchet to my fridge (unlike the literal ice axe which once defrosted the freezer). During the excavation, I discovered a Glad container with a slice of cake and some chocolates. Based on the nature of these items, I believe they were brought by my mother during one of her visits. That means that they've been there either since November or since January. What's sicker than that: the cake was still good! :)

    I keep discovering houseware items I didn't remember having, so that assuages my desire to go shopping. But, oh, how I want to! Good thing I also don't have any money to spare!
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    Ooh yeah. Seven dollars later, I have a "practical" handbag ("...A handbag?!") to take over all kinds of practical handbag duties from the evening bag pressed into service. Now I just have to stuff it full of my crap. That'll happen next year sometime, at this rate.

    I'm finally getting more into Harry Potter #5. I went almost 500 pages without skipping ahead. I was really trying! But I already knew the bad spoiler. I just couldn't wait to find out if that hideous Umbridge woman got her come-uppance. Unfortunately, all of the characters in #5 seem to be stridently screechy and unpleasant. Not that I've ever been a huge fan of those books, and the thing which has always annoyed me is the lack of dimension. Bla bla bla, bla bla bla. I'm almost done, then I'll read Jasper Fforde.

    I'm not much of a shopper, but I'm definitely in "acquisition" mode. I can only wonder what I'll impulse-buy next!
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    Though it's actually a waning gibbous moon, but that's not important right now.

    So, I am filled with much sadness, as the store where everything cost $9.99 is going out of business. (Though they had started carrying clothes that cost as much as $29.99! Bastards!) But I am filled with much happiness, as their "going out of business" sale reduced everything in the store to $5.99!!! The sale ends on the 31st, and though I was late in arriving to it, and pickings were slim, I was still able to purchase 5 shirts and a pair of pants.

    Unfortunately, I still can't seem to stop buying long-sleeved, winter-style clothes, but I bought a pink tank top just to be perverse, and to delight in the sheer irony of it all.

    Monday is the 2 year anniversary of this LJ, so over the next week or two, I'll be doing an overhaul of the LJ's style, adding/deleting piccies, and delighting you all with some "Best of [ profile] aceofkittens 2002-2004" retrospective entries.

    Tra la la!


    Jul. 26th, 2004 07:44 pm
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    I'm mad at Costco. Normally, I love Costco, but I tried to burn photos to CD there today, and they've changed their software, and it's all really stupid. I didn't want to burn all the photos sitting on that memory card. I just wanted to download the last 3 months' worth. No, this proved to be too difficult. Great. Of course, it costs the same, whether you burn 3 photos or 300. Maybe I should have done it, but I was annoyed at the old lady trying to get a look at all my naked pictures.

    Someday, I'll have a real computer, a real digital camera of my own, and maybe even a car without a giant crack in its windshield.
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    (Shout-out to all you Lymond fans! " many miles to Babylon?")

    Ok, so I went out and bought another pair of purple pants. These are quite unlike any other pants I own and I'm still sort of astounded that I now own them. One, they are striped, which is wrong. Two, they are sort of capri length and I hate capris (they make my legs look short and fat). Three, I think they make my butt look big.

    But I couldn't not buy them -- because they only cost $1.99!!! This bargain shopping will be the death of me yet.

    Now, I have to be careful. My previous obsession with pants of a certain color is why I own about 5 pairs of brown pants and 4 pairs of green pants. I don't want 5 pairs of purple pants. Help!
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    I have bought new pants.

    And they are purple, which was the winning color on my Poll. Although putting purple on there was sort of cheating, because I already have some purplish stuff in the burgundy/red section of the closet.

    But, still. These pants, they are the purple. And they're so damn cool. They are almost as cool as my fun fur skirt, except they are purple.

    Who wants to see a picture? :)
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    Now that it's 90 degrees outside and I'm having an episode, I've decided to get all busy (manic) with moving my winter clothes into the guest room. After all, that closet space is going to waste. In doing so, I've reaffirmed the fact that not only are most of my clothes winter clothes, but I could go to a funeral every day of the week and not run out of dark stuff to wear.

    As it says in my Bio, "No one seems to be able to help me break the vicious cycle of melancholy, or at least suggest a wardrobe color other than black, green, or burgundy." Since this is going to be my last poll for a long time, I thought I'd see if I could change that.

    Cut down in its prime, the poll... )
    The winning color will receive a place of shame in my closet...
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    Despite being so ill that I'm breaking into a sweat every time I move, I managed to get my friends to take me shopping today and bought 10 boxes for $10. BLISS!!!!!

    Not that I can fill them with anything, because that would involve staying upright.


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