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Once again, I have not been updating. Bah! I promise I will have a real update soon. No, really. I have all kinds of exciting things to say about work, life, drunken exploits, Chip, and, of course, Burning Man.

Speaking of which, I leave you with this IM conversation from this morning:

[ profile] aceofkittens: I had awful Burning Man anxiety dreams
[ profile] invisiblebf: sorry to hear that. were you running late for your camp when you realized you hadn't studied at all the rest of the year and had left all of your stuff at home and were naked?

Well, of course I was naked - it was Burning Man! ;)
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Here is a conversation from earlier in the day, somewhat filled with TMI!

[ profile] aceofkittens: (ranting and raving about something or other)
[ profile] invisiblebf: Did you say you were about to start bleeding?
[ profile] aceofkittens: Start bleeding? I haven't stopped for the past month!
[ profile] invisiblebf: What bleeds, but doesn't die?
[ profile] aceofkittens: No kidding.
[ profile] invisiblebf: What bleeds, but doesn't die? It's zombie [ profile] aceofkittens, biting the shoulder of a motorcycle rider near you!
[ profile] aceofkittens: ...what?
[ profile] invisiblebf: Zombie [ profile] aceofkittens, biting the shoulder of a motorcycle rider near you.
[ profile] aceofkittens: ...WHAT?!!!
[ profile] invisiblebf: Remember, when you bit [ profile] eto_theipi?
[ profile] aceofkittens: Oh, yeahhh.
[ profile] aceofkittens: I bit him again recently.
[ profile] aceofkittens: ...I have to blog about this.

The end.
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Ok, I have to say that this was [ profile] takeitez' idea, but it still amuses me to no end, so I present to you...

My LJ post where I pretend to Twitter as though I were at Burning Man!

  • 07:00 I just got back to my tent. Out all night at Opulent Temple. Guy dressed like angry raccoon is my new BFF! Sleep now!
  • 07:31 Tent too hot to sleep in. Now what?
  • 09:15 @nadjarobot I know, right? The shirt-cocking was SO much better last year.
  • 10:53 @toastmantom Have spent the last hour trying to find the Gin & Mandarin Orange Slices camp at 7:30 & D
  • 12:06 @pokiedot I can't believe these people! They are not even LOOKING where they're biking!
  • 13:10 Dust storm. Hiding out at Camp Bar Review. Everyone is drinking Puckers & Tequila.
  • 17:10 Finally back to tent. Can't feel face. Where is everyone?
  • 17:45 I should eat something today...
  • 17:59 This is the best meal I've ever had! Twinkies doused in Clamato!!! SO GOOD!!!
  • 19:40 @aerinys What are you wearing tonight?
  • 20:43 @romijordanna Don't bother with the far art tonight. Lame and full of shushers!
  • 22:34 @emmiepie Where are the goddamn elves?!!! I think I need to pee...
  • 22:35 @sassycat8, futureboy & @cheezaddict - Setting out now across playa. See you in 30 min!!!
  • 22:38 @sassycat8, futureboy & @cheezaddict - Oh my god, it's too far. I'm never gonna make it!
  • 23:00 @takeitez I am at your camp, drinking your water. HA HA HA!
  • 00:34 @ Opulent Temple. Oakenfold was way better in 2005!
  • 03:45 Camp "We put the bar in rebar" has awesome tofurkey infused vodka!
  • 06:00 Nothing is more beautiful than watching the sunrise from The Man.

Automatically zapped by FakeTwitter
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Back from the whirlwind tour of Missouri. It was fun, but I'm tired. At least it's a short week... sort of. It feels endless. I am still blah and not following LJ very closely. I went to the dentist this morning and it sounds like the reason I've had such painful sensitivity to cold/hot is because a number of my fillings are cracked and broken and need to be replaced. That's going to be a lot of fun.

Conversation in bed this morning:
[ profile] aceofkittens: "Aww, did you see how Chip was lying so on top of me?"
[ profile] invisiblebf: (fuzzily) "He's just prospecting for oil."
[ profile] aceofkittens: "...WHAT?!!"
[ profile] invisiblebf: (pause) "Um... inexplicable crossover with dream."
He's very cute when he's asleep.

For Bay Area people, my friend Daryl Shawn has an all-instrumental guitar show this weekend and you should go:
Saturday, July 5, 7 p.m. sharp!
Meridian Gallery
535 Powell Street (at Bush), San Francisco, CA
$5-10 sliding scale donation (no one refused for lack of funds
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Just yesterday, I'd been saying I'd like to get over to BevMo somehow (there isn't one close by), and today, we went to visit some people and I saw a BevMo on the way in! Woo! So on the way out, we stopped back in and I got the following items:

  • Pink Vodka, "the world's first ultra premium vodka that is infused with caffeine and guarana." Haven't tried it yet, but it sounds like "heart attack vodka" to me!

  • Feigling Fig Vodka, fig vodka I've had before at The Girl and The Fig in Sonoma. I've made some kind of yummy drink with it just now that involves strawberry lemonade.

    Get ready for some drunk-texting! :)
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    The other week, we discovered a red-brown worm in our bathtub. It was a total mystery as to how it got in there, but it had been raining a lot and I figured maybe the worm came out of the bath drain or something. The worm was alive and I took it over to my neighbor's flowerpot. It proceeded to dig its way in. I was happy that a worm-friend had somehow come into our home. [ profile] invisiblebf, on the other hand, was very concerned that the worm might have come out of Chip. He spent a long time reading about worms online and looking up pictures that should not have been looked at. In the end, he cautiously agreed that it was probably not a Chip-worm.

    I decided to prank [ profile] invisiblebf and bought a big pack of Gummi Worms in secret. It was supposed to rain really hard today, and it did! I got up first and set out two of the Gummi Worms in the bathtub on top of a piece of clingfilm. Then, when he asked if I wanted to have the first shower, I said, "No, no, you go ahead." The shout of "WHAT?!" and the WTF expression on his face were perfect. Success!!! :)

    Yesterday, I did three things in L.A. that I had never done before. First, I took SecondCousinOfKittensOnceRemoved to the Velaslavasay Panorama, which is something I never even heard of until she told me about it. Then, we went to dinner at a restaurant called Pure Luck, which was a Vegan place that makes dishes out of jackfruit... it's bizarre, but delicious. I tried some really yummy spinach salad with "blackened jackfruit" and we also had some fried pickles. Then, we went across the street to this ice cream/gelato place called Scoops, where potential flavors included "Vanilla & Rum," "Strawberry & Black Pepper," and "Chocolate & Jaegermeister." All in all, it has been a weekend full of win.

    Kwik E Mart

    Jul. 4th, 2007 11:48 pm
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    So, for those of you who are Simpsons fans & eagerly awaiting the new Simpsons movie, you probably know that there's a promotion going on where twelve 7-Eleven stores around the country have been turned into "Kwik E Marts."

    The U.S. locations where a 7-Eleven store was transformed into a Kwik-E-Mart are New York City; Chicago; Dallas; Denver; Burbank, Calif.; Los Angeles; Henderson, Nev.; Orlando, Fla.; Mountain View, Calif.; Seattle; and Bladensburg, Md.

    The Los Angeles location? It's two blocks from my house!!! :) On Tuesday night, there were like 500 people in line to get in!!! Photos TK! :)
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    Conversation from a few moments ago:

    [ profile] aceofkittens: You should get a LJ, you know...
    MIB: Uh huh... yeah, yeah.
    [ profile] aceofkittens: That way you can read all my locked posts...
    MIB: Uh huh, yeah...
    [ profile] aceofkittens: Especially when you're gone this summer.
    MIB: Couldn't I just talk to you?
    [ profile] aceofkittens: ...
    [ profile] aceofkittens: I'm going to have to post about this!
    MIB: That's pathetic.

    Accomplishments of the weekend include: I unpacked my Mr. Bento & set up my Sansa MP3 player — instead of doing anything that actually needed doing, of course! :)

    ETA: Photo of #1 Mr. Bento lunch. The lunchbox was a lot less roomy on the inside than I thought it would be.
    photo! )
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    Thanks to everyone who took my poll!

    In about 30 minutes, I will be journeying behind the Orange Curtain for this wedding and when I get back tomorrow, I will reveal what I wore, why I believe it's better to have never loved at all than to have love and lost, oh, and my current bra size.

    Have a good weekend! :)
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    The week blew past and I was often so busy and distracted that I didn't have time to check LJ! :) Whoah.

    Suddenly, I'm in one of my "music" phases and I want to listen to music and to purchase a real MP3 player. Whoah!

    And I'm now in SF at my mom's house and it's actually warm here. WHOAH!

    Obviously, these are all signs of the encroaching Apocalypse...
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    [Error: unknown template video]
    Thanks to my coworker, this has been in my head all day. Watch at your own risk.
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    Aside from the aforementioned charley horse, I also woke up on Sunday morning with vague feelings of unease and uncertainty and doom, which is par for the course after a night of drunken debauchery. I couldn't quite recall what-all I might have done to feel this way, but it was only a matter of time before someone enlightened me.

    [ profile] eto_theipi – are you out of your teething phase?
    [ profile] aceofkittens – Did I bite you??!?
    [ profile] eto_theipi – yeah. you don't remember?
    [ profile] aceofkittens – ...uhhh
    [ profile] aceofkittens – umm....
    [ profile] eto_theipi – heh
    [ profile] aceofkittens – Uh... do you recall why I did that? I mean, I do of course, but, uh, just wanted to see if you remembered the reason I gave you.
    [ profile] eto_theipi – oh you didn't give a reason.
    [ profile] eto_theipi – you just said "uh-oh. i just bit you. i've had way too much to drink."

    ...Damn. :)

    Well, at least I didn't hit anyone. Or did I?
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    [Error: unknown template video]
    Where have I been all this time that I didn't know about LazyTown?

    I am so totally going to have to be one of these characters for Halloween.
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    Maybe this has made the rounds already, but I can't get over how funny it is:

    The Nietzsche Family Circus

    One of my favorites:
    The irrationality of a thing... )



    Jun. 19th, 2006 04:16 pm
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    I ♥ the ACME Heart Maker site.
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    An eagle-eyed stalker reader noticed that I was coming up on LJ Entry #666.

    I probably wouldn't have noticed or cared otherwise, but when it was brought to my attention, I realized that I needed to commemorate this very special number with a very special LJ entry. I am doing so by chronicling the fulfillment of a months-long dream to sample coffee-flavored Coke.

    ...Coca-Cola BlaK is pretty disgusting. It probably will taste better when combined with Kahlua. And vodka.

    On that note, don't forget to vote in my Modern Drunkard Convention poll. I hope to see everyone in Vegas!
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    [ profile] drpearce reminded me about Modern Drunkard Magazine. It's a gem. I went back to the site, which I haven't visited for a while, and suddenly saw that they're having a convention in Vegas this summer!!! I don't usually need a reason to go to Vegas, but this seems like a good excuse (details about the convention are here.

    So — is anyone interested in going? :)

    [Poll #711982]
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    Ok, I'm rarely the first to find anything, so I'm shocked that this gem isn't already all over everyone's LJs:

    Trailer: "Brokeback to the Future"

    This is priceless and brilliant. I can just see it: "I'm your density, Ennis. I mean... your destiny."

    Also, there was an incident at Holy Cross on Saturday during Chris Penn's funeral. Craziness.
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    My favorite slogan right now is on my box of crackers: "Triscuit fills you, but not with regret!"

    Hmm, I beg to differ. I would totally regret eating that whole box of Triscuits! :) And Wheat Thins... just because it has "Thin" in the name, doesn't mean I should eat the whole box either. I'm just saying. But I'm not listening!

    Stupid crackers.

    Oh well. Let's discuss all our favorite ads, commercials, and slogans. I want to hear about funny things. Dance, monkeys, dance!


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