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Longest... drive.... ever.
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It's cold. The drive was icky. I'm sick. (Could it be because of all those people I snuffled like an anteater?)

But hey, internet! Perhaps tomorrow I'll be able to catch up on LJ.
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...I left all my holiday cards in LA. Gaaaah!! I have like, four boxes of them! I suddenly vaguely remember how I took them with me at one point, imagining I'd send out holiday cards in November. Right! Like that has ever happened in the history of the world.

Oh well. I probably wouldn't have sent anything out in a timely fashion. And I suppose I could buy another box during the post-Xmas sale & add it to the other four boxes, all of which were purchased in that fashion.

Hey, if that's the only thing I left behind, I'm ahead of the game.
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After an appalling journey, during which my luggage was lost not once, but twice... (quick, name the reference!), I channeled some of my inner rage into an email.

...In addition, I believe that you ought to consider getting someone to proofread/edit the content of your website, as it currently reads like it was written by a foreign exchange high school student enjoying her first week in the U.S. This does not inspire confidence; moreover, it detracts from the credibility of your company.

Mmmm... probably not something that should have gone into a cover letter, eh? ;) Kamikaze Ace of Kittens!!!


Feb. 20th, 2003 11:14 am
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I meant to get up at 5 a.m. to drive north, but this cunning plan was derailed by the fact that I didn't get to sleep til 3 a.m. -- brilliant! So now, I probably won't go til tomorrow, and I really don't like driving up on Fridays because traffic is always that much worse. But if I leave right now, I'll hit traffic both in LA (lunchtime) and getting into SF (rush hour). And considering how little sleep I got, I probably won't want to drive later this afternoon and will crash this evening. So, in the meantime, I'm just slowly getting my stuff together and having a discussion with a dear friend.

Me: When will we learn that saying "No" right away will save trouble in the long run? Why don't we learn?

Friend: Because we live in hope that, some day, when we say "Yes," the person we're saying it to won't let us down.

It's so simple, and yet, so true. Yet I still don't learn.

Ace of Kittens: bitter optimist or hopeful pessimist? Discuss.
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Suddenly, it's Friday, and I can't really think of where the week went or what I have to show for it. The truth is, after a very rocky start to it, I've been fairly complacent this whole week, content due to the absence of a major irritant that plagues me quite often when I am up here (commonly referred to as "That Man.). "That Man" left and suddenly, I was stress-free and feeling mighty fine about lolling about up here.

But I am leaving this weekend... I am leaving, I am leaving, but the spider's throwing mints. (One of my favorite Mondegreens of all time)

I was accused of being an internet addict last night. It's true, but I'm proud of it! But I still tried to argue about it.
"No, I'm not an addict! Now, excuse me, there's this online thing I've got to go and do..."

I feel like I ought to do something useful today, like rake some leaves or sort through my desk. Stay tuned!
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The stuff is here... it arrived at 7 a.m., so basically, my whole involvement in this matter was irrelevant and I should have just gone back to Southern California as planned. However, now I'm surrounded by stuff I haven't seen in 3 years and some of it is even mine! Woo hoo!

Most of it looks like crap I will end up throwing out. :)

So, the question is: do I want to be a good and helpful person and start unpacking stuff and dusting and cleaning it? ... Or do I just surf the internet all the live long day? Decisions, decisions...


Sep. 4th, 2002 12:44 pm
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Change of plans... doesn't look like I'll be going after all today. Instead, I think I'll have a glorious reunion with stuff out of storage that I haven't seen in over three years.

Hrmm... I guess I'll write more later.
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Well, I'm certainly not that tired, but I'm running on fumes. I'm supposed to drive down south today and I suppose that after I'm done updating, I'll do just that. Of course, I'm now going to enter LA at the height of rush hour traffic, but hey, whatever. For once, it's not my own dawdling that has kept me here later than I wanted.

I've been very irritated these last few days -- not at specific people, per se, but at the general situation surrounding WorldCon and my friends who came there. I guess it boils down to the fact that I feel like I made this tremendous effort to come up -- and it wasn't for the con, but primarily to see these specific people -- and it wasn't really appreciated. I obviously don't mean [ profile] trystbat, with whom I had a fantastic time. I mean my friends from MediaWest, who once again have left me with the vague, distasteful feeling of biting into a too-ripe apple and having it go all mealy and mushy in my mouth.

I am most peeved by the fact that they essentially stood me up for dinner on Monday night and didn't even really say they were sorry about it -- because they weren't. In a way, it worked out fine, because I really didn't want to drive down to SJ again, be teased once again for getting there later than I said I would, and then have to drive back feeling peevish. But it was so damned inconsiderate in a way, and it made me realize yet again that I make an effort for people who don't deserve it, and treat people who do deserve it like shit.

On that charming note, I guess I'm going to start driving south.
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I am feeling so much better than last night. Things are square again with the creditors. I no longer feel like a trapped rat, gnawing at my own foot to escape. There's no more nagging from certain parties. I have vowed to be more responsible. Life is good. Oh yes.

My thoughts from today's road trip:

  • The SO claims that there are "so many new radio stations on the drive." He is so very wrong!!! There are no new radio stations. There are the same old sucky stations. Maybe they're new to him, but I make this trip just about every few weeks. I need a CD player for the car.

  • They need to start labeling the produce growing in the fields on either side of the road. I can't keep squinting to figure out, "Is that cabbage or what?" "Is that an orange tree or an almond?"

  • I like making this drive in October, when they harvest the cotton and it blows all over the place.

  • It's a good a idea to make sure your phone is fully charged before you start this trip. (Yes, driving, talking, bad, whatever, screw me!)

    I had some more deep thoughts, but now I must go torture people online!
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    I wish that villainy was the only account that was past due. Good news though -- I don't have to find my bills, because they're all calling me up to remind me I owe money! Happy day!

    I couldn't sleep last night after running the two scenes I was running on the game, so I stayed up a little while longer reading The Changeling Sea by Patricia A. McKillip. She's signing tonight up in the City and if I had been more organized earlier, I could have just driven up when my scene was over. I'd be there now. But my stuff wasn't ready, and I didn't feel like crashing around the apartment at three in the morning, especially since the roommate hadn't been feeling well last night.

    So now I'm left pondering: should I drive up right now, putting me home at dinner time, or should I wait til this evening and go then. Decisions, decisions...

    There's some kind of jackhammering going on outside, which puts me into a lovely mood. Maybe I should have gone when it woke me up at 7... I'm half-heartedly sorting through my crap now. One day, I'll burn it all in a massive bonfire. Burn, baby, burn!


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