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I am in a particularly foul mood as of late, for a number of reasons that I don't want to get into in a public entry, especially since — as always — I am keenly aware of the fact that this is the first entry for the month, and thus subject to the "End of Year First Lines Meme."

Unfortunately, doing a full re-read of my beloved Lymond Chronicles is not helping. If anything, it's just making me more cranky, melancholy, and wistful. Yes, all three! And I'm barely into the second book... it only gets worse.

And from the hornes of Unicornes Lord safely me deliver.
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There are many thoughts brewing in my head, but, they keep whirling around and around, like a kid inside a revolving door.

"Revolving Door" by Annie Bethancourt is my favorite song right now. Check it out on here. All her other songs are great too. She rocked live as well.

That's my PSA. Go listen. I'll be over here, percolating.


Jul. 6th, 2007 10:59 pm
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I am so glad it's Friday.

That is all.
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Let's just say that when MIB sits down on "his" couch next to Chip, Chip rolls onto his back and starts purring like crazy, but when I sit down on "his" couch next to Chip, Chip jumps off and pointedly shows me his backside. :P

I woke up with a headache, having dreamed, amongst other delightful things, that two of my mom's cats (Kesha, the black one, and "Crazy Filka," the fluffy one) had both run away, and I was telling someone about it as though it had happened many years ago.

Today can only get better, right?! I'm sure of it!
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Ok, I know it's lame and irrational, but I'm actually starting to get jealous of the new couch! Chip has stopped sleeping with me at night and just spends most of his awake and asleep time on that couch.

So now I'm competing with furniture for my cat's attention. Oh what a world! I was going to pile some books and clothes onto the couch to prevent Chip from sitting on it, but was told that this is "mean."


Oh, and my phone is broken. AGAIN!

Ho hum

Sep. 12th, 2006 10:49 pm
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I feel like I should update, but everything I want to really update about would take so much effort - taking pics, uploading pics, etc.!

It's very annoying: my newly dyed hair barely lasted a week. I don't know if it was being in the desert or the NoRinse shampoo, or what, but it's faded almost completely. Dyeing it again seems like a lot of effort. Cutting it seems like a lot of effort.

Everything seems like too much effort right now, have you noticed?


But now I will blather on excitedly about meeting The King of All Mangoes )
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Will no one rid me of this turbulent priest?

If I could find the CD containing my photo editor program, I'd post some groovy photos.
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I'm so very melancholy tonight, so gloomy about the world and the way things work in it. I wish I could believe that things will get better for us all.

Nothing is specifically wrong with my own universe. I'm just being a little melodramatic and existential. This mood shall pass.

There's a window by the bedroom door that never will be opened
If you spend the whole day looking out and never look within
And your lover and your mother and your father have been hoping
You'll find the truths you're looking for while searching deep within
So sad about me
So sad about me
So sad about me
I'm sad about you...

— Cowboy Mouth


Nov. 18th, 2004 06:07 pm
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I'm so tired.
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I've barely caught on on my friends page. I've got absolutely nothing to say. I can't even think of a quiz to take or an amusing poll I could write. Which leaves... song lyrics!

All is nothing in moderation
It's a dirty feeling and it makes you stronger
Well I believe I'm just plain tired

Yup, that's about right. Good old Matchbox 20.
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Can it really be that five years have gone by? I worked quite a bit as an extra on the first season of Angel -- if you squint hard enough, you can probably see me, running around Wolfram & Hart as a lawyer or a secretary or on the street or in a club scene, in some episodes that season. I worked a little on the second season, too -- by then, I was stepping away from the whole extra thing, so I can't really remember much about it. The last time I ever worked as an extra, though, it was on Angel. I wore my fun fur skirt, for the first, and only time. That $9 purchase paid for itself.

Working as an extra cured me of my love for TV and movies. It cured my wide-eyed fascination with the "Biz." Most importantly, it cured my "fandom" and any hero-worship type emotion I ever held for any actor, ever. All of those feelings drained away as quickly as my financial security (I'm still reaping all the benefits of that high paying career choice). Do I regret going that route? No, I don't. Do I miss doing that work? God, no.

I do miss that initial sense of wonder I got from being on a set -- of seeing, in the flesh, actors that fans would squee over. It was fun to know spoilers for my favorite shows long before anyone else. Then again, I miss having "favorite shows." Angel was the last TV show that I still watched with any regularity. And now it's over.
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I am going to stop buying milk. I always think I'll drink it, but it goes bad before I can even open it. Then I get another carton of it, and that one goes bad as well. What a waste.

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Надоело барахтаться все время.

That is all.
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It's been raining here, which means two things: "StormWatch 2004" is constantly on the news & I am denied my god-given right to walk around on the street. Nobody walks in LA -- except for me.

I managed to get rather wet earlier, because I thought it was merely drizzling when I stepped on out. As a consequence, my feet were cold and unhappy, so after I finally got home after a very yummy Thai dinner, I thought I'd hop in the shower to warm up.

The thing is, I usually take my shower in the morning, before I've put in my contacts, so everything is blurry. Today, as though for the first time, I saw the shower caddy clearly -- it's totally rusted over, cracked, peeling. How long has it been hanging there? How long has it been like that -- why didn't I notice?

I guess if it can't be fixed, it may be time for something new.
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I'm so antsy right now. I don't like waiting in suspense to find out how something's going to turn out. This is why I read the ends of books: to avoid the stress.

Here's a bit of irony: my webmail is almost full. Every day, I get deluged by automatic mailings from the ISP telling me that my mailbox is almost full. Invariably, that barrage of mail is what ends up making my mailbox overflow.
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Then again, living alone has its benefits; for example, when you dance around like a crazy monkey to ancient mix tapes, no one's there to point and laugh.

Whatever happened to The Lightning Seeds? They had some damn good songs! Like "Pure!"

Warning: fluffy song lyrics ahead! )

I'm really in the mood to go jump around somewhere in public. Alas, not having any friends around puts a crimp in that plan...


Oct. 13th, 2003 06:19 pm
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Yet another blow:
Best black hoodie lost its string.
I had not noticed.
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More October Project lyrics...

That's all there is to this cut. )

I've fixed my CD/DVD-ROM in Crunchy II!!!!! Now I can listen to music all the time & watch Father Ted.
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I was going to stay offline tonight for a change of pace, but I just had to get back on to rave about October Project. This is yet another defunct band I listen to. That is to say, I listened obssessively to their second CD, "Falling Further In." I finally picked up their self-titled debut for $3 about a month ago, but my CD player in Crunchy II (my laptop) is kind of busted, so I haven't listened to it. I'm weird about music like that. Anyway, I finally popped it into the big CD player.

It probably says something that I burst into tears before the first song was even halfway through. Music, the knife without a hilt.

Here are the long lyrics to that song, which is called 'Bury My Lovely' )


There's not a single track on this CD that I don't like.
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So, I got sunburned on Monday and today is the first day I can touch the afflicted areas without screaming, crying out in pain, and generally carrying on like a pathetic girly girl. I swear to God, my legs swelled up from this burn. Now I'm waiting for the hardened leather carapace to slough off and reveal the pink, soft skin underneath.

Stuff that isn't all that interesting. )

That is all.


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